Tuesday, 27 July 2010

My second cum in 4 months

i don’t wake up very early, but i have time to browse the web a little, prepare semolina gruel, epilate, pluck my ball hairs, cook water for Mistress's tea, get the paper and prepare coffee, in this exact order. After breakfast W/we get out, to take care of beach chairs and shades tossed about by the storm. Mistress comes along, and decides exactly what to do with them. i have to gather sticks in a pile.

Back inside, i teach Mats to play guitar according to an order by Mistress. He turns out talented. During that Mistress has started to prepare lunch by warming up yesterday’s leftovers. i make fun of her “taking over the kitchen”. We eat, i get my coffee and then She wants to a walk in the forest. She doesn’t want to go shopping, so W/we don’t. i have come to accept Her opinions without a murmur. In the forest i start running around her like a puppy, but She doen’t enjoy that. Later i look for mushrooms, thinking i get a prize from Her if i find a lot. Well, i find some and i may prepare a mushroom soup back home. After that Mistress gives me permission to use net while i’m warming up the sauna. Kids are playing in my study, i grab my laptop and prepare an essay and read the rest of FrancescasPizza.

After sauna i do the water aerobics and exfoliate my crotch, and go to net to look for new sites. i find by accident MsRika, which seems really inspiring. Unfortunately her site has disappeared from the net, but most of it is found here. She has also published a book Uniquely Rika MsRika’s trademark is cum consuming – either cumming directly in your own mouth or kneeling and waiting, when you are allowed to lick your cum up from the floor. It has other fun stuff like training your sub to cum as countdown end. i keep reading it as the others watch TV and i after putting the kids to bed i continue reading.

Mistress watches TV until midnight. After that getting ready to bed, bedroom door is locked, She wants stockings from the toy chest, and i may kiss Her kneeling by the bed as She sits on the edge – really erotic. She orders me on my back on the bed, i may lick Her pussy from below. She drops by me, i may suck Her nipples and squeeze Her buttocks. Then She rides my face again, and She takes a condom and i may roll it on. She rides my clitty, then i may fuck Her from behind on my side until She cums, and takes me with Her over the edge: i get my second orgasm in 4 months. i was too excited from the beginning. Mistress is not mad at me, She thinks it’s just nice it turned out like that. i lack the courage to ask Her if i should eat my cum as a punishment for cumming.

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