Friday, 30 July 2010

Preparing gourmet, but not for me


i wake up at 5.30am only after 5 hours of sleep. In the early mornings i’m allowed to use net freely, and i patter to my study and open MsRikas site. i’m so on the same wavelength with MsRika that i cannot to masturbate a little. It’s the first time in 4 months i masturbate. i think it’s peculiar as i just got an orgasm last night.

i’m hot and bothered all day, no sign of subdrop after the orgasm. i call to Mistress and mention again to Her about msRika and her Sub Utility Quotient and it’s 50 point list. We agree that i try to move into a more proactive slavery: i don’t just wait for orders, but i change my clothes as i get home, clean up the kitchen automatically. We also discuss me making a weekly menu and me looking up TV programs for Her, programs that might interest Her. This is another idea i found from MsRika.

i suggest making spinach zander rolls and lovage sauce and get her permission. It takes nearly whole evening, with side dishes green smashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. i get a little hungry myself as i prepare the dish, but i don’t eat anything, i think of MsRikas slave’s birthday tale in which the male is kept starving. The dish is ready, i clean up the pile of dirty dishes i caused, as Mistress sits down with kids to take portions of zander rolls. After i have cleaned the kitchen, i take some old leftovers for myself.

W/we get tired very early and retire early.

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