Friday, 2 July 2010


i wake up as late as 8am, epilate, make gruel for breakfast, fetch paper for Mistress, brew Her tea, measure coffee in the coffeemaker. W/we eat, then She orders me to iron the curtains. Kids are making a gingerbread house, as i print out financial statement papers and fill in tax return. In the mean time they have messed up the kitchen, i get to form the last gingerbreads and clean the mess up.

Mistress keeps a tight schedule for me today. i get no free time, small and large tasks follow each other. Next i must make lunch: potatoes, smoked salmon, vegetables. She has given a standing order that each meal has to include vegetables. Then i must empty ashes and put on fire in the fireplace. i ask meekly if i can make myself a up of coffee, as i get a headache if i don’t get a small cup of coffee in the afternoon. She laughs, She has not paid attention to that.

Towards evening the flow of orders wanes. i must still find a recipe for sandwiches and prepare shrimp-egg-pitas, then W/we watch Talent. A whole weekend without net porn!

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