Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Shopping with the Ladies

In the morning i am allowed to masturbate in the bed, but she makes me stop before i near the edge. i praised my situation to Her: i was just allowed to fuck my Wife and i’m still hopelessly stuck on Her. i propose Her what i could do now, and She chooses me going out to buy some bread and then make some breakfast and coffee. i had to walk far to get bread that early.

i was then to go to Aqualand with kids, and we had a long walk back. i got to get some takeaway food next and when i surprised mother-in-law by wanting to join them for their shopping spree. What T/they picked up i collected at the back of my hand and then queued at the cashier. This repeated in the next shop as well. As i was queuing there W/women already left for the next shop and left me behind 6 women at the cashier line. Mistress chose a tight tricot shirt for me. i was allowed to try it on, and then She chose the color by raising different shirts before me, as other customers watched and mother-in-law commented on the colors. However She chose bright red Herself, not because of Her mom’s opinion. Again i queued.

As W/we went eating later i tried to trail Mistress more clearly. In the evening it was my job to hand wash dishes s there was no dishwasher in O/our apartment. Then to bed, no treats this time.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

D/s vacation on Tenerife

Yesterday W/we left on a vacation in Tenerife together with my mother-in-law. i make a big breakfast, drive O/our car to the terminal door, take the car to the parking house, run back from there.

At the destination i carry the big luggage, unpack immediately. i let O/others choose rooms, decide on comings and goings. W/we visit the beach and a food mart.

In the evening Mistress orders my undress, on all fours. She gets a condom and orders me to kneel at the foot of the bed. She sits there and gives me the condom to put on. She orders me on my back on the bed, straddles me, impales Herself wonderfully on me. She lowers Her breasts for me to suckle and lets me fuck Her from below. ‘Up’, She orders. W/we stand up, She leans on the bed standing, i fuck Her from behind standing. She cums, i continue to fuck Her vigorously all through Her orgasm, as my orgasm is not too near. She gives me paper to wrap my condom. i have to go to sleep with a hard dick again.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Bad effects of male orgasm

Some evenings next week i have time for nothing else but cooking and cleaning kitchen. Three times i have to make both a meat dish and a veggie dish. Some evenings Mistress pushes Her hand in my pants and kneads my buttocks as i drudge in the kitchen. She kisses me passionately each day. i have to make all grocery shopping, and She sends me out on errands, like fetching a framed painting etc. W/we prepare and pack for an upcoming trip. She doesn’t make me masturbate at all.

The bad effects of my orgasm show throughout the week. i rather read daily news than hurry to my chores. Of course i obey all orders, take biowaste out to compost late in the night, fetch Her things etc. On Friday evening W/we encounter a crisis, as i get irritated because i think She is too angry. She gets over it later, but says i shouldn’t be provoked like that. But i am afraid it’s genetic! i get angry in the midst of angry people, can’t help it.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Kitchen sissy gets harassed

i wake up at 7.30, i have time to epilate, write diary, make gruel and get the paper for Mistress before the W/women wake up. During breakfast i read the old paper as Mistress read the new one. After breakfast Mistress wants to go for a long walk, leading U/us with routine. She mentions that before O/our current D/s arrangement O/our S/M trials ended as She used punishments to keep up my service level after an orgasm and i could not stand the punishments during sub-drop. i say this time it’s different.

i make lunch and after coffee it’s time for my workout at the gym. After that it’s again chance to read the paper a bit before starting a laborious Indian fish kebab for dinner. As it is ready the table is laid, i start warming up sauna with logs. As i return Mistress, Lina and Lina’s friend are already eating. i empty the dishwasher so that kitchen is immaculate before i start eating.

Next W/we go to the sauna and i do water aerobics so this is a very sporty day for me. i also measure the pool water and add chemicals, and after sauna i am busy taking care of the invoices of mine and Mistress’s in the net as the family is watching Fear factor, one of O/our favourites.

W/we eat sandwiches for supper, and as i finally clean the kitchen again, She peeks into my pyjama pants from behind, talks about my forthcoming punishment that’s accumulating, feels my buttocks and closes my pants. After the supper i go straight up, after teeth brushing a little kneeling by the bed and then to sleep.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

How She became Mistress

Ritemate has asked about O/our life before August 2008 when i started service-oriented submission to my Wife which has continued except for short breaks until this day. This blog is based on my diary that starts from August 2008. Current material dates from Jan 2009. i have been a little slow to post as i have to translate my notes to English as i post.

We have been together with my Wife more than 20 years now. My Mistress wasn’t especially dominant back then. Actually She wanted to try being dominated a few times, but very mildly, with no pain, no binding etc. It was me who suggested S/M and then D/s in 2008. She had no problem dominating me, however She doesn’t get much sexual pleasure from that. W/we bought riding crops, cat-o-9-tales, She is very handy and even prepared Her own cbt whip, leather corset for me and a leather hood/helmet from raw leather. She had no problem whipping me, putting me into bondage etc. We had some pretty wild sessions, even outdoors before O/our kids were born. Then W/we continued session by session, until i was ready to offer real servitude and slavery which finally gave more fun to her also. i think i was just being lucky my Wife was open-minded and had the interest and the mental capacity to develop Her dominant side. She even works as a director now so She knows how to command.

i asked my Wife what i should say about the early S/M experiences that then turned into a full fledged D/s relationship. She said i was very fast to take up my need for submission, already as W/we were just dating. She encourages all subs to be quick to tell about their tendencies to their girlfriends, especially if the tendency is very strong. In that case it’s something you really shouldn’t hide from Her. Of course you don’t know how they react, but if She would find your submission repulsive, probably it’s better you know that early and consider trying to find a more dominant woman to master you. If your desire to submit is strong, you two may be incompatible and it wouldn’t work out in the long run anyway. (Mistress wanted to point out that W/we are not practising any marriage counselling here, so what ever happens, don’t blame it on us)

Mistress also suggested you don’t start with sexual D/s or S/M suggestions. Start with service. Massage Her feet, take Her car to maintenance for her, offer to clean the house or make all meals today. After housework you could say ‘Can i do something else for you dear?’, ‘Can i massage your back’ or ‘Would you like to have a glass of wine’. As She asks if you have been unfaithful or why you are acting like that you might just hint that you have always found serving Her erotic. And so on. You can confess to Her that you re a compulsory masturbator and suggest you buy a chastity belt just to help you control yourself. But don’t burden Her with new demands if She agrees to something. Enjoy what She agrees to, remember that She’s the boss. Fill all Her needs all the time, if you get one or two of your needs filled as well, be happy.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

No time for a sub-drop

Saturday’s a busy day. i wake up only after 8am, so i sleep record much, surely because of the orgasm i was allowed. i have barely time to epilate, no time for my morning net, but i am still eager to serve. My cum from last night is still in the condom, i drink the contents, it’s disgusting. Mistress wakes up with me, and stays lying in bed.

W/we eat sandwiches for breakfast, i make Her green tea, and a sandwich according to Her wishes, then i get the bed. Not much damage because of sleeping in. Finally i have time to make my own coffee and start preparing the weekly menu while i eat.

Mistress gives me new standing orders: in the future i must take care and count that the frozen products of O/our garden and berries are consumed before the next harvest. i must also try to use more herbs that O/our own herb garden produces. W/we go through and organize the herb pots.

i make Her bed while She puts Her clothes on. Mistress and Lina go furniture shopping, i may drive them and do my groceries shopping. As W/we get back i make the lunch, and after lunch while drinking coffee i continue making the menu and i find more herbs in O/our cupboards. i find recipies in the net. She want nettles pasta etc., which the kids don’t eat, so some days i will have to make one dish for Mistress another for the kids. It takes hours to do the menu now that i don’t have experience, but proudly i present it finally to Her. She approves it, because i have consulted Her during the planning process (Do you want nettles pasta already in the beginning of the week?…)

Then it’s time for prawn masala for dinner. During preparing it a few things happen that cause an adrenaline rush in me: i hurt a few times an already sore, burned spot in my hand, coconut milk on the stove, tomato púree on the table. She’s outside, but notices what is happening when She gets back in. She the noises i make and informs me i have gathered 7 and a smaller one. i understand She means a punishment, and return to a more docile state at once. i continue, She drops by, warms Her cold hands on my sides, which i can tolerate quietly. She’s happy with that. Then She spreads my legs wide, and brings Her knee up to my crotch from behind. It totally surprises me, i thought She would start groping my genitals, and the pain makes me yelp. She tells me it was my 9th point.

i serve the dish, wash the dishes, switch on the dishwasher. She makes me fetch from upstairs and present to Her dirty laundry. i will have to raise and present them one by one and She says which pile they go. Finally i may put the other pile in the machine and switch it on. i get an erection while i do it.

Then i try to go through the weekly tv guide. i am late on schedule, but i place the necessary alarms in my mobile. Then i may read today’s paper and watch tv for a while. In the bedroom She finally scolds me, i get an erection and get embarrassed, but i get away without punishment this time, with kids awake.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Finally - an orgasm for the slave

i may now order the new car for myself. i still call home to confirm the right color from Mistress. She is busy, Lina answers Her phone. i have to ask her to ask Her. Both seem angry: “Didn’t we already decide on that yesterday!” However, i get T/them to repeat the information to me so that i order the right version. It’s the most basic version of Honda Civic, that She chose for me earlier on, smallest motor and stuff. No add-on features whatsoever. That’s gonna be my car as Mistress takes over my Mercedes. Now even travelling to my office will be an act of Femdom.

i may go to a meeting in the evening, but have to get back so early i can drive kids to their hobby, swimming. As i get home (and it is finally just the two of U/us), She ushers me directly upstairs. She goes to the toilet. i ask if i can continue my chores. She says: “No, wait there”.

As She gets back She says “We are going to have sex now.” i get leather bracelets in my ankles and wrists, and i must place a condom by the bed. She undresses and puts on only a corset and stockings, orders me on my back in the bed. She clips my wrists together, and orders me to place them on top of my head. She sats on my chest, complains that i have not shaved my armpits. She finds that my pubic hair is well groomed, She laughs that it’s my favorite place to maintain. She moves forward and on top of my mouth so that i can lick Her pussy and lick and suck Her clit, then She lowers Her nipples one at a time for me to suckle.

As She attaches my wrists up to the headboard, my clit starts to soften, so She takes out the clover clamp chain, and places them on my nipples. Ouch, they are strong. My clit hardens right away and She rolls the condom on. She impales Herself on me and fucks me a little as i remain motionless. Then She grabs the chain, and start yanking on it, thus ordering me to fuck Her at the same pace She yanks the nipple clamp chain.

Then, without removing my clamps and tied wrists, She makes me turn around and fuck Her from behind on my side. She removes my wrists and signals me to continue doggy style. i settle my nipple chain on Her corset so that its coldness wouldn’t disturb Her. i fuck Her slowly at first, but She starts enjoying as i change the angle a few times, and She starts cumming. i have a few speeds in stock, and i fuck Her with quick pace as She cums, without cumming myself of course.

She rests for some time, then orders me – still wearing the clover clamps in my nipples – to masturbate. i ask Her to confirm, whether She meant until orgasm or not. She says “Until orgasm”! As She gets back from the toilet and removes Her corset, i kneel on the hardwood floor, and i may start masturbating into the condom. The wonderful feeling culminates in an earth-shattering orgasm.

i thank Her profoundly. Then i have to go wash up. Mistress says She’s not so happy that O/our sex lifes are moving apart this way. She says She gets Her greatest orgasms if i ejaculate in Her. So i suggest i could cum inside Her, but only if i can cum exactly at the same moment as Her – a simultaneous orgasm. She doesn’t comment, but it becomes a practise W/we still follow.

She acknowledges the risk of a sub-drop after my orgasm, so She right away orders me to serve, to hoover, prepare gruel and fetch for the kids. i have time to make nothing else but instant oatmeal.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

She owns "my" time

As i get home from work i warm up a frozen pizza and lay out the table because Mistress is already hungry. As i pick up some trash from the floor by Her, She puts me on all fours and massages my back. She has watched a TV show during the day because i have marked it and reminded Her by calling Her. As i empty the dishwasher She gets behind me and starts pounding my buttocks with Her fists, harder and harder, finally with full force. i must support myself on a door to stay on my feet.

We are going out to meet some of O/our friends. i polish Mistress’s shoes as they are already on Her feet. During the visit Mistress informs that i volunteer to clear the table, and i do it together with the male friend of the hostess. i also finish a cake for the coffee table, which Mistress brought as a present.

Next day i visit two stores after my working hours to search for ingredients for chicken korma, and i test one possible car for me. At home i start preparing korma right away, as it takes time. As the meat marinates i eat, but Mistress hurries me up to continue. She comes behind me as i prepare korma, bites my ear, presses me down and kisses me intensively. As i have the food ready (it’s for tomorrow) i ask whether i also prepare rice. She says no, orders me to wash up leather furniture with a leather detergent. She sits down in one of them, i clean all the others first, but then i politely inform Her if She could move. She laughs, how diplomatically i could inform it and moves.

W/we go through colour choices for the new car, She chooses the colour for me. i ask about warming up sauna, She says no, i must take a shower next morning. Then She orders me to eat two supper sandwiches and go upstairs after that. As i eat i go to my laptop. She notes this, and scolds me severely: i must not do like that any more.

She keeps me on my knees for a quarter, though it is late and i must wake up early for work tomorrow. She shows me that She owns “my” time. She kisses me in bed, ordering me to take Her kiss passively. It feels so good, and i get a big erection, and fall asleep with it as soon as She allows me to.

Friday, 20 August 2010

She makes me masturbate in the office toilet again

It’s a holiday again and W/we wake up together. She wants to discuss yesterday’s events as She plays with the cat, ordering only a cup of tea first. Then She sends me to make gruel for breakfast.

She has decided it’s the cleaning day. We have a cleaner, but she’s on holiday during the holiday season so i “may” use the whole day to clean the place (W/we have a big house). It takes until lunchtime to vacuum all floors, then i may have a break and warm up tortillas for lunch. She orders me to read today’s paper with coffee after lunch. Then She wants me to escort Her on a big walk. As it’s raining i make the mistake of putting rubber boots on, but the heavy boots wear my strength up. Part of the trip i She also wants me to hold an umbrella for Her.

We talk a lot, but She forbids D/s themes. She will take them up if She wants. However W/we talk about submission. In the old days some sports event would have been my climax for this kind of day. Now in the morning i look forward to servicing Her the whole day. She has notices that i have given up trying to maintain the traditional male role any more. Before it was a very sore point for me if She was more clever than me in men’s work. Not any more.

After W/we get home i wash the toilets according to Her order. i use three different detergents, polish the taps etc. i am getting good in “womens’ work”. My territory is now cooking and cleaning. Mistress praises me for a work well done, and She gives me some net time in the evening, pats my bottom and permits me one praline candy per day as long as W/we have some.

i ask Her about contacting MsRika about the text collection i have edited from Her site, She forbids it. i abide by all Her decisions.

As i warm up sauna, i still wash the floors according to Her orders. During sauna it’s the water aerobics time for me.

For breakfast i make sushi for Mistress, and i eat the oldest leftovers. Kids take some sandwiches.

She informs i will masturbate two minutes tomorrow in the toilet of my office. i do that, and manage to get on the edge in one minute, ruin my orgasm so that two droplets of cum dribble out, and edge again in 20 seconds after that.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Effects of chastity

i wake up at 6.30, epilate, eat reading MsRika’s forums, go to work at 7.15. According to Mistress’s instructions She gave last night, i masturbate in the toilet of my office twice just before noon. She said “nearly to a conclusion” which means a well ruined orgasm. First time i manage to spill a few droplets of cum, which is the furthest i can go. They fall in the sink. Second time i ruin the orgasm so early no cum appears. (must have been too cautious).

As i get home i eat quickly the oldest leftovers. W/we go to the sauna this time without the kids. As i enter sauna Mistress is naked inside. i get a huge erection, which doesn’t soften. As the right to automatic sexual pleasure is taken away from you, you return to your teenage years when even small sexual hints and pics produced a strong erection. After sauna W/we watch Beatles Help the movie. To prevent myself from falling asleep i watch it on my knees resting against the coffee table.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A sample day in a slave's life

i wake up each morning at 6am to 6.30, because i have possibility to use net only in the mornings. During weekends i get even an hour net time. One exemplary morning: wakeup at 6.30, raise curtains. In the net until 7am (checking out MsRika forums, finishing my translation of MsRika’s texts to Mistress), then i water the seeds, pluck my balls 10 minutes, epilate 10 minutes (sides of triangle of pubes, upper side of penis, perineum, buttocks and the crack) then 10 minutes for doing my hair and shaving, then again 15 minutes in the net, getting the paper, making bran oats gruel, heating water and making tea for Mistress, putting coffee and water in the coffee machine. Mistress wakes up, i draw a chair for Her at the kitchen table, serve breakfast and i open the paper from its folds (unread) for Her (Lina sees me do this). i eat with Her, suggest i would go to the gym, get Her permission, and as i gather my things i make the bed and fold the laundry.

As i get back from the gym She orders lunch for 12am, i may read as much of the paper before i start preparing it, as the time allows. i empty the washing machine, and close a deal on Mistress’s old car, according to Her instructions. She will now get my big Mercedes. As i prepare shrimp-coconut-pasta Mats is baking a barley bread. i lay the table and W/we eat lunch. Then i prepare the car selling documents and clear the table at the same time drinking my second and last cup of coffee that day.

After the deal is completed i may start looking for a used car for me in the net, with a ban to go to porn sites. i do as i’m told, and then She chooses the make of my next car, a small but safe Honda Civic.

i suggest and get Mistress’s permission for washing the fireplace in the basement. i get it shining with Universal Stone. She sits near me as i rub the tiles. i enjoy Her presence. However She is in low spirits and i get a bit depressed too. Then i warm up old food for dinner. At the table i flare up at Mats who deliberately tries to get me upset.

i clear the table and run and empty the dishwasher. Mistress wants to take a walk, and Lina joins U/us. Mistress doesn’t try to hide in any way, that She leads the way 100%. As Lina doesn’t hear, Mistress tells me off for not supporting Her as She has a bad day. i should be extremely helpful and positive if She has one of Her worse days, not vice versa. She felt that as She was down, i immediately took it out on Mats. i thanked Her for valuable feedback and promise to mend my ways. W/we also discussed the right and the wrong way to reprimand Mats – i must not say he’s a bad boy, just that he has done some bad thing etc. i think i got it now.

After the walk i asked whether there are some tasks for me or whether i can use the net. Mistress disapproved of putting the question this way: She told me to think of more than just two alternatives, and finally She approved checking out and thinking about O/our investments: i could use the net, but only for this, no peeking into porn sites. i also paid O/our bills and checked the water quality of the pool, and my weekend’s work schedule was completed.

We start watching TV and Mistress pushes Her foot in my lap, i am allowed to massage Her toes. i cannot stop doing it without Her orders, and She makes me continue one full hour. i dare ask i could remove Her sock and She allows it. i find Her foot erotic as it is no more clad in a woollen sock, only tights.

Lina notices what W/we are up to. She pushes Her foot into my lap for massages. First i say that i don’t massage her foot, but Mistress says i could massage it a little, which is a command to me. Experimentally, i massage Lina’s each toe a little. It tickles and she draws her foot away.

Mistress lifts Her other foot into my lap and i may start massaging that as well, i may remove the other sock as well. Finally it’s over, i must put the socks back.

As kids have gone to bed Mistress orders me to get nail polish, nail scissors, a bowl of water, a towel and bath salt (but W/we have run out of it). She sits on the couch, orders the bowl by Her feet, and me to give Her feet a long and thorough wash, stopping only as She releases me. Then She makes me dry the feet, lower myself on my belly on the floor, take off my glasses and do a pedicure, treating all Her cuticles, and finally paint Her toenails. There’s a lot to do with Her left little toe. Finally i paint that too, and repaint the toenails, following Her exact orders. It was a highly erotic task for a chastisee like me, and i thank Her from all my heart.

Then i suggest weighing myself, and She approves. My weight went down during Christmas (this sample day was between Christmas and New Year). She orders me to eat more, get a little fatter (i’m quite skinny).

Finally i end up kneeling by O/our bed, as She tosses Her old clothes on me to put to the dirty laundry. As She orders me to sleep She tells me to masturbate twice to the edge in the toilet of my office.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Learning more household work

After Christmas She has extra holidays and stays at home as i go to work. In the evening i find on my chore list: “remove stains from all vases”. First i have to go to the net to find instructions. i wash the vases with strong vinegar solution that smells really foul. Most of the vases become shiny. All of a sudden She asks me if i am prepared to go and buy New Year’s rockets with Mats. My answer doesn’t sound respectful enough. So in the evening i’m told off for not answering submissively, and in such a moment (Mats beside Her) that She couldn’t instantly intervene.

The next day i get special weird satisfaction for presenting my menu proposal for next week to her while She was lying in the bed caressing her cat. i present my proposal which will mean a lot of work for me, and let her make decisions and choices. Something in it makes me tingle inside. During a long walk the next day She even hints, that i may have to prepare different meals for Her and the kids, because of differing tastes. i make the shopping list based on the menu, and shop for groceries the early next Saturday. We purchase also rockets, and a winter coat for Mats. Mistress supervises that purchase, but leaves for a walk as W/we complete other purchases.

She is gradually becoming a more demanding Mistress, that requires immaculate service.

Monday, 9 August 2010

What is a D/s Christmas like with kids?

It’s 4 months till Christmas, but i’ll tell you about O/our first D/s Christmas now.

During Christmas i am responsible for making all but two dishes and all groceries shopping. i am naturally also responsible for the clenliness of the kitchen and clearing everything after the meals. As present i get a necklace that has a plain silver plate with a text “Reserved”. i will have to wear it always, under my clothes t work and on top of clothes during free time. i get also a box of candies, which i may eat as i wish, but She hints that i ought to be thrifty with the sweets as i will not get any other candy for a long time. Mistress eats freely from my candy box, as i try to save them. She has bought Her favourite candies for me. As W/we visit relatives during Christmas time i get to eat quite a lot of candy however, but as soon as W/we get back home, my “candy discipline” is restored. For a good behaviour i get also two candies from the family’s sweet box a little after Christmas.

During Christmas Night i may hump Her knee a bit. i have bought Her a black corset as a present. It reaches from below Her breasts to the top of Her pelvis. It’s too small, but i can change it for a right size after Christmas. She gives me a session that night. She shaves Her pussy lips and has me shave around Her anus. i may put leather bracelets to my wrists and ankles, put on a condom (i draw foreskin on top of glans to prevent prematureness) and kneel while She puts on the corset. i may put stockings on Her feet, i do it extremely carefully. Then She rises, shows Her frontside and Her lovely bottom, but i dare not touch Her. Then She gives the “on the bed on your back” sign (pointing at the bed), and ties may wrists to the middle of the headboard. She sits on my belly and offers her lovely breasts for me to suck. After a while of licking and sucking She moves on me, until her pussy is directly on top of my mouth, and i start licking it. i try a new trick ‘licking the alphabet’. i write with the tip of my tongue “i love Mistress Mads” (Her name) around Her clitoris. She doesn’t think it feels better than my usual licking, though.

She moves so that She can insert my clitty in Her pussy, and then She starts fucking it, moving up and down. i am immobile until She rises Herself and gives me a sign to start fucking Her from below. i fuck Her until i'm nearing the edge. i get close to orgasm, as She contiues to move after i stop. O/our shaved crotches make a wonderful loud slapping noise as T/they hit together.

She removes my hands and gets on Her side, facing away from me, and guides my clitty inside Her. i continue to bang, but it doesn’t feel right for Her. She rises on all fours, and i may continue doggy style, until She cums, but i don’t.

She feels generous and lets me masturbate afterwards until i nearly cum. It takes only a few seconds for me to get to the edge. ‘Letäs go to sleep’

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Chore list put into Excel

One evening as i report in my pyjamas to Mistress upstairs, She’s playing with O/our cat using a line connected to a stick. She orders me to lower my pants to my knees, turn around and kneel, and then She starts, on the spur of the moment, lashing my ass with the line. It hurts quite a lot, especially if it reaches around me and hits my genitals. i assume i can cover them. Then “pants up, back to business”.

i start organizing MsRikas texts into a collection. Mistress starts reading it, i’m with Her and translate or clarify if needed. However, She’s not so keen on reading it in English, She would like to read it in Norwegian. So i start translating the text, and also add to it from answers MsRika has given on the forum of Her site (until Her site sadly disappeared, i don’t know why). So i create a new excellent text, and She starts to read it. Later as i bought MsRika’s book, it turned out it was quite similar to this text collection i made.

i work on the chore list, and it develops into a system with daily chores, special chores for each weekday, tasks that have to be done if necessary and chores relevant during a certain season. i plan an excel file for chores that have to be done e.g. once in two years or every three months, including changing oil to the lawnmower, repotting the plants, cleaning the insides of the cars, maintenance of the oil burner, backwashing the pool, cleaning air conditioning filters, emptying central vacuum cleaner and maintenance of the expansion vessels. During the week i among other things wash seldom used surfaces, and try to remove soot stains from the fireplace with Universal Stone.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

'Dad must serve me as well'

On Saturday Mistress gives me a chance to masturbate twice to a ruined orgasm in a toilet. It succeeds well, a lot of cum leaks on the floor, where i manage to lick it up though it was the smallest toilet.

Lina (10 years at that time) notices the same day that daddy serves mam. Mistress points out i’m just paying Her back the ‘domestic chore debt’ as i never did home work early in our relationship. i just keep thinking, is it really that obvious that i’m serving. Lina’s reaction is surprising: ‘dad must serve me as well’. i explain to her that i’m serving mam only, and that’s not going to change.

The same day i get into a sexy situation. Mistress is watching TV, according to a hint i gave Her after an alarm i had programmed in my mobile had reminded me of a program Mistress might like. i see Her through a window: i am washing windows according to Her order, on a ladder, tight plastic gloves in my hands. My hands are getting cold, as it is around zero. i even see the subtitles of Her program. Lina comes to the window from inside and points where i have not done a proper cleaning job!

Mistress also gives a new standing order: i am to eat only bottom parts of rolls. The bread W/we eat is usually sliced flat rolls, and She likes the top parts. i stick to this rule precisely. i also eat always the oldest leftovers possible, and serve the new food for O/others.

Monday, 2 August 2010

How slavery has changed my life

Next day W/we go through the sub utility quotinent "www.tiedmoments.com/submission/quotient.htm" together, and She chooses new practices among them. i have to start preparing a menu for the next week, go through weekly tv guide and find programs that might interest Her, and choose and clip for Her newspaper articles that might interest Her. Also making grocery shopping is now given entirely on my responsibility, i have to make a shopping list for myself and i’m responsible if W/we run out of something.

On Friday i make the first weekly menu and read it alound for Mistress for Her approval. i stick to the plan otherwise, but i make some meals on a later day than planned, as the consumption is not as high as i thought. Meals are often quite complicated, i prepare shrimp-celery-tagliatelle etc.

i begin making alarms in my phone’s calendar for programs of Mistress’s interest, and all this starts to mold me gradually into genuinely serving Mistress and deriving the meaning for my life from that.

When She praises me for my servitude, i get an erection and a huge endorphin surge. As my orders are unambiguous, i know what She requires from me each time. i don’t sleep as much as i used to. What i used to do was come home from work exhausted, take a nap on the couch, watch TV a lot and read all possible newspapers and magazines. Now i watch TV very little, and no papers from cover to cover, except for a couple of popular science magazines, from which Mistress requires clippings, and the newspaper in the same way. i don’t watch sports at all, not even my old favourite, which was fotball. i watch sports news in the paper, usually on lunch in a diner.

But the most peculiar of all is that my need for sleep has diminshed. i wake up spontaneously early mornings, many time around 5am, and try to sleep just a little more. However i am not tired in the evenings, and i have not had naps since W/we started D/s. Because of that i manage to fulfil all my duties, and as W/we had a walk the other day, She even discussed teaching me to manage clothes as well.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Washing the bathroom walls on a Tuesday night


I wake up before 6, epilate and shave. Then i read a little MsRika. Mistress wakes up, and sends me to fill carbage can as it’s going to be emptied today. i make Her tea and She orders sandwiches for breakfast, i make some for Her and for me. i fold laundry spontaneously, and put them in the right places. She approves the procedure that i can pick up next chore from the chore list myself. i do another chore from the list, change a light bulb, and head for work.

i have a seminar at work. i am still especially horny, and notice i am looking at a woman’s boots.

As i get home i kiss Mistress right away. She tells me not to bend my knees to get on Her level as i kiss with Her, She doesn’t like it. i find a recipe for the next meal, and have it approved by Mistress and head for the grocery shop and gym. i have an exercise program i have to go through at the gym.

At home Mistress orders me first to help Lina prepare for an exam. Then i suggest a task from the list: washing up the walls of our pool machinery room, but She takes me to our grand bathroom. She has noted that its walls are dirty. She chooses the detergent, and a washcloth for me, and the next hour i spend washing the walls. The other family is baking, and next W/we eat.

In the evening i don’t get a natural chance to ask for a next chore, and there is no time to start a big project, so i read a little of MsRika. Then upstairs. Mistress is already in bed, reading a book. i prepare for bed, ask if i can enter the bedroom naked and put pyjamas on there, but it’s not ok. i may read my own book kneeling by the bed, as She reads hers. She interrupts me to fetch Her lip balm. i offer to fill Her waterglass, to grease Her up or to massage Her, but She only accepts massaging as She couldn’t get to sleep immediately.