Saturday, 28 August 2010

Bad effects of male orgasm

Some evenings next week i have time for nothing else but cooking and cleaning kitchen. Three times i have to make both a meat dish and a veggie dish. Some evenings Mistress pushes Her hand in my pants and kneads my buttocks as i drudge in the kitchen. She kisses me passionately each day. i have to make all grocery shopping, and She sends me out on errands, like fetching a framed painting etc. W/we prepare and pack for an upcoming trip. She doesn’t make me masturbate at all.

The bad effects of my orgasm show throughout the week. i rather read daily news than hurry to my chores. Of course i obey all orders, take biowaste out to compost late in the night, fetch Her things etc. On Friday evening W/we encounter a crisis, as i get irritated because i think She is too angry. She gets over it later, but says i shouldn’t be provoked like that. But i am afraid it’s genetic! i get angry in the midst of angry people, can’t help it.

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