Saturday, 7 August 2010

Chore list put into Excel

One evening as i report in my pyjamas to Mistress upstairs, She’s playing with O/our cat using a line connected to a stick. She orders me to lower my pants to my knees, turn around and kneel, and then She starts, on the spur of the moment, lashing my ass with the line. It hurts quite a lot, especially if it reaches around me and hits my genitals. i assume i can cover them. Then “pants up, back to business”.

i start organizing MsRikas texts into a collection. Mistress starts reading it, i’m with Her and translate or clarify if needed. However, She’s not so keen on reading it in English, She would like to read it in Norwegian. So i start translating the text, and also add to it from answers MsRika has given on the forum of Her site (until Her site sadly disappeared, i don’t know why). So i create a new excellent text, and She starts to read it. Later as i bought MsRika’s book, it turned out it was quite similar to this text collection i made.

i work on the chore list, and it develops into a system with daily chores, special chores for each weekday, tasks that have to be done if necessary and chores relevant during a certain season. i plan an excel file for chores that have to be done e.g. once in two years or every three months, including changing oil to the lawnmower, repotting the plants, cleaning the insides of the cars, maintenance of the oil burner, backwashing the pool, cleaning air conditioning filters, emptying central vacuum cleaner and maintenance of the expansion vessels. During the week i among other things wash seldom used surfaces, and try to remove soot stains from the fireplace with Universal Stone.

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