Thursday, 19 August 2010

Effects of chastity

i wake up at 6.30, epilate, eat reading MsRika’s forums, go to work at 7.15. According to Mistress’s instructions She gave last night, i masturbate in the toilet of my office twice just before noon. She said “nearly to a conclusion” which means a well ruined orgasm. First time i manage to spill a few droplets of cum, which is the furthest i can go. They fall in the sink. Second time i ruin the orgasm so early no cum appears. (must have been too cautious).

As i get home i eat quickly the oldest leftovers. W/we go to the sauna this time without the kids. As i enter sauna Mistress is naked inside. i get a huge erection, which doesn’t soften. As the right to automatic sexual pleasure is taken away from you, you return to your teenage years when even small sexual hints and pics produced a strong erection. After sauna W/we watch Beatles Help the movie. To prevent myself from falling asleep i watch it on my knees resting against the coffee table.

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