Sunday, 22 August 2010

Finally - an orgasm for the slave

i may now order the new car for myself. i still call home to confirm the right color from Mistress. She is busy, Lina answers Her phone. i have to ask her to ask Her. Both seem angry: “Didn’t we already decide on that yesterday!” However, i get T/them to repeat the information to me so that i order the right version. It’s the most basic version of Honda Civic, that She chose for me earlier on, smallest motor and stuff. No add-on features whatsoever. That’s gonna be my car as Mistress takes over my Mercedes. Now even travelling to my office will be an act of Femdom.

i may go to a meeting in the evening, but have to get back so early i can drive kids to their hobby, swimming. As i get home (and it is finally just the two of U/us), She ushers me directly upstairs. She goes to the toilet. i ask if i can continue my chores. She says: “No, wait there”.

As She gets back She says “We are going to have sex now.” i get leather bracelets in my ankles and wrists, and i must place a condom by the bed. She undresses and puts on only a corset and stockings, orders me on my back in the bed. She clips my wrists together, and orders me to place them on top of my head. She sats on my chest, complains that i have not shaved my armpits. She finds that my pubic hair is well groomed, She laughs that it’s my favorite place to maintain. She moves forward and on top of my mouth so that i can lick Her pussy and lick and suck Her clit, then She lowers Her nipples one at a time for me to suckle.

As She attaches my wrists up to the headboard, my clit starts to soften, so She takes out the clover clamp chain, and places them on my nipples. Ouch, they are strong. My clit hardens right away and She rolls the condom on. She impales Herself on me and fucks me a little as i remain motionless. Then She grabs the chain, and start yanking on it, thus ordering me to fuck Her at the same pace She yanks the nipple clamp chain.

Then, without removing my clamps and tied wrists, She makes me turn around and fuck Her from behind on my side. She removes my wrists and signals me to continue doggy style. i settle my nipple chain on Her corset so that its coldness wouldn’t disturb Her. i fuck Her slowly at first, but She starts enjoying as i change the angle a few times, and She starts cumming. i have a few speeds in stock, and i fuck Her with quick pace as She cums, without cumming myself of course.

She rests for some time, then orders me – still wearing the clover clamps in my nipples – to masturbate. i ask Her to confirm, whether She meant until orgasm or not. She says “Until orgasm”! As She gets back from the toilet and removes Her corset, i kneel on the hardwood floor, and i may start masturbating into the condom. The wonderful feeling culminates in an earth-shattering orgasm.

i thank Her profoundly. Then i have to go wash up. Mistress says She’s not so happy that O/our sex lifes are moving apart this way. She says She gets Her greatest orgasms if i ejaculate in Her. So i suggest i could cum inside Her, but only if i can cum exactly at the same moment as Her – a simultaneous orgasm. She doesn’t comment, but it becomes a practise W/we still follow.

She acknowledges the risk of a sub-drop after my orgasm, so She right away orders me to serve, to hoover, prepare gruel and fetch for the kids. i have time to make nothing else but instant oatmeal.

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