Thursday, 26 August 2010

How She became Mistress

Ritemate has asked about O/our life before August 2008 when i started service-oriented submission to my Wife which has continued except for short breaks until this day. This blog is based on my diary that starts from August 2008. Current material dates from Jan 2009. i have been a little slow to post as i have to translate my notes to English as i post.

We have been together with my Wife more than 20 years now. My Mistress wasn’t especially dominant back then. Actually She wanted to try being dominated a few times, but very mildly, with no pain, no binding etc. It was me who suggested S/M and then D/s in 2008. She had no problem dominating me, however She doesn’t get much sexual pleasure from that. W/we bought riding crops, cat-o-9-tales, She is very handy and even prepared Her own cbt whip, leather corset for me and a leather hood/helmet from raw leather. She had no problem whipping me, putting me into bondage etc. We had some pretty wild sessions, even outdoors before O/our kids were born. Then W/we continued session by session, until i was ready to offer real servitude and slavery which finally gave more fun to her also. i think i was just being lucky my Wife was open-minded and had the interest and the mental capacity to develop Her dominant side. She even works as a director now so She knows how to command.

i asked my Wife what i should say about the early S/M experiences that then turned into a full fledged D/s relationship. She said i was very fast to take up my need for submission, already as W/we were just dating. She encourages all subs to be quick to tell about their tendencies to their girlfriends, especially if the tendency is very strong. In that case it’s something you really shouldn’t hide from Her. Of course you don’t know how they react, but if She would find your submission repulsive, probably it’s better you know that early and consider trying to find a more dominant woman to master you. If your desire to submit is strong, you two may be incompatible and it wouldn’t work out in the long run anyway. (Mistress wanted to point out that W/we are not practising any marriage counselling here, so what ever happens, don’t blame it on us)

Mistress also suggested you don’t start with sexual D/s or S/M suggestions. Start with service. Massage Her feet, take Her car to maintenance for her, offer to clean the house or make all meals today. After housework you could say ‘Can i do something else for you dear?’, ‘Can i massage your back’ or ‘Would you like to have a glass of wine’. As She asks if you have been unfaithful or why you are acting like that you might just hint that you have always found serving Her erotic. And so on. You can confess to Her that you re a compulsory masturbator and suggest you buy a chastity belt just to help you control yourself. But don’t burden Her with new demands if She agrees to something. Enjoy what She agrees to, remember that She’s the boss. Fill all Her needs all the time, if you get one or two of your needs filled as well, be happy.

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