Monday, 2 August 2010

How slavery has changed my life

Next day W/we go through the sub utility quotinent "" together, and She chooses new practices among them. i have to start preparing a menu for the next week, go through weekly tv guide and find programs that might interest Her, and choose and clip for Her newspaper articles that might interest Her. Also making grocery shopping is now given entirely on my responsibility, i have to make a shopping list for myself and i’m responsible if W/we run out of something.

On Friday i make the first weekly menu and read it alound for Mistress for Her approval. i stick to the plan otherwise, but i make some meals on a later day than planned, as the consumption is not as high as i thought. Meals are often quite complicated, i prepare shrimp-celery-tagliatelle etc.

i begin making alarms in my phone’s calendar for programs of Mistress’s interest, and all this starts to mold me gradually into genuinely serving Mistress and deriving the meaning for my life from that.

When She praises me for my servitude, i get an erection and a huge endorphin surge. As my orders are unambiguous, i know what She requires from me each time. i don’t sleep as much as i used to. What i used to do was come home from work exhausted, take a nap on the couch, watch TV a lot and read all possible newspapers and magazines. Now i watch TV very little, and no papers from cover to cover, except for a couple of popular science magazines, from which Mistress requires clippings, and the newspaper in the same way. i don’t watch sports at all, not even my old favourite, which was fotball. i watch sports news in the paper, usually on lunch in a diner.

But the most peculiar of all is that my need for sleep has diminshed. i wake up spontaneously early mornings, many time around 5am, and try to sleep just a little more. However i am not tired in the evenings, and i have not had naps since W/we started D/s. Because of that i manage to fulfil all my duties, and as W/we had a walk the other day, She even discussed teaching me to manage clothes as well.


  1. Congratulations, this is a fantastic development. I wish my Wife was as dominant as yours.


  2. thanks, things are working out fine for us now. Hopefully you get your Wife's dominant potential to grow as you just start offering service without requiring much in return.