Friday, 27 August 2010

Kitchen sissy gets harassed

i wake up at 7.30, i have time to epilate, write diary, make gruel and get the paper for Mistress before the W/women wake up. During breakfast i read the old paper as Mistress read the new one. After breakfast Mistress wants to go for a long walk, leading U/us with routine. She mentions that before O/our current D/s arrangement O/our S/M trials ended as She used punishments to keep up my service level after an orgasm and i could not stand the punishments during sub-drop. i say this time it’s different.

i make lunch and after coffee it’s time for my workout at the gym. After that it’s again chance to read the paper a bit before starting a laborious Indian fish kebab for dinner. As it is ready the table is laid, i start warming up sauna with logs. As i return Mistress, Lina and Lina’s friend are already eating. i empty the dishwasher so that kitchen is immaculate before i start eating.

Next W/we go to the sauna and i do water aerobics so this is a very sporty day for me. i also measure the pool water and add chemicals, and after sauna i am busy taking care of the invoices of mine and Mistress’s in the net as the family is watching Fear factor, one of O/our favourites.

W/we eat sandwiches for supper, and as i finally clean the kitchen again, She peeks into my pyjama pants from behind, talks about my forthcoming punishment that’s accumulating, feels my buttocks and closes my pants. After the supper i go straight up, after teeth brushing a little kneeling by the bed and then to sleep.

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