Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Learning more household work

After Christmas She has extra holidays and stays at home as i go to work. In the evening i find on my chore list: “remove stains from all vases”. First i have to go to the net to find instructions. i wash the vases with strong vinegar solution that smells really foul. Most of the vases become shiny. All of a sudden She asks me if i am prepared to go and buy New Year’s rockets with Mats. My answer doesn’t sound respectful enough. So in the evening i’m told off for not answering submissively, and in such a moment (Mats beside Her) that She couldn’t instantly intervene.

The next day i get special weird satisfaction for presenting my menu proposal for next week to her while She was lying in the bed caressing her cat. i present my proposal which will mean a lot of work for me, and let her make decisions and choices. Something in it makes me tingle inside. During a long walk the next day She even hints, that i may have to prepare different meals for Her and the kids, because of differing tastes. i make the shopping list based on the menu, and shop for groceries the early next Saturday. We purchase also rockets, and a winter coat for Mats. Mistress supervises that purchase, but leaves for a walk as W/we complete other purchases.

She is gradually becoming a more demanding Mistress, that requires immaculate service.

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