Tuesday, 24 August 2010

No time for a sub-drop

Saturday’s a busy day. i wake up only after 8am, so i sleep record much, surely because of the orgasm i was allowed. i have barely time to epilate, no time for my morning net, but i am still eager to serve. My cum from last night is still in the condom, i drink the contents, it’s disgusting. Mistress wakes up with me, and stays lying in bed.

W/we eat sandwiches for breakfast, i make Her green tea, and a sandwich according to Her wishes, then i get the bed. Not much damage because of sleeping in. Finally i have time to make my own coffee and start preparing the weekly menu while i eat.

Mistress gives me new standing orders: in the future i must take care and count that the frozen products of O/our garden and berries are consumed before the next harvest. i must also try to use more herbs that O/our own herb garden produces. W/we go through and organize the herb pots.

i make Her bed while She puts Her clothes on. Mistress and Lina go furniture shopping, i may drive them and do my groceries shopping. As W/we get back i make the lunch, and after lunch while drinking coffee i continue making the menu and i find more herbs in O/our cupboards. i find recipies in the net. She want nettles pasta etc., which the kids don’t eat, so some days i will have to make one dish for Mistress another for the kids. It takes hours to do the menu now that i don’t have experience, but proudly i present it finally to Her. She approves it, because i have consulted Her during the planning process (Do you want nettles pasta already in the beginning of the week?…)

Then it’s time for prawn masala for dinner. During preparing it a few things happen that cause an adrenaline rush in me: i hurt a few times an already sore, burned spot in my hand, coconut milk on the stove, tomato púree on the table. She’s outside, but notices what is happening when She gets back in. She the noises i make and informs me i have gathered 7 and a smaller one. i understand She means a punishment, and return to a more docile state at once. i continue, She drops by, warms Her cold hands on my sides, which i can tolerate quietly. She’s happy with that. Then She spreads my legs wide, and brings Her knee up to my crotch from behind. It totally surprises me, i thought She would start groping my genitals, and the pain makes me yelp. She tells me it was my 9th point.

i serve the dish, wash the dishes, switch on the dishwasher. She makes me fetch from upstairs and present to Her dirty laundry. i will have to raise and present them one by one and She says which pile they go. Finally i may put the other pile in the machine and switch it on. i get an erection while i do it.

Then i try to go through the weekly tv guide. i am late on schedule, but i place the necessary alarms in my mobile. Then i may read today’s paper and watch tv for a while. In the bedroom She finally scolds me, i get an erection and get embarrassed, but i get away without punishment this time, with kids awake.

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