Wednesday, 4 August 2010

'Dad must serve me as well'

On Saturday Mistress gives me a chance to masturbate twice to a ruined orgasm in a toilet. It succeeds well, a lot of cum leaks on the floor, where i manage to lick it up though it was the smallest toilet.

Lina (10 years at that time) notices the same day that daddy serves mam. Mistress points out i’m just paying Her back the ‘domestic chore debt’ as i never did home work early in our relationship. i just keep thinking, is it really that obvious that i’m serving. Lina’s reaction is surprising: ‘dad must serve me as well’. i explain to her that i’m serving mam only, and that’s not going to change.

The same day i get into a sexy situation. Mistress is watching TV, according to a hint i gave Her after an alarm i had programmed in my mobile had reminded me of a program Mistress might like. i see Her through a window: i am washing windows according to Her order, on a ladder, tight plastic gloves in my hands. My hands are getting cold, as it is around zero. i even see the subtitles of Her program. Lina comes to the window from inside and points where i have not done a proper cleaning job!

Mistress also gives a new standing order: i am to eat only bottom parts of rolls. The bread W/we eat is usually sliced flat rolls, and She likes the top parts. i stick to this rule precisely. i also eat always the oldest leftovers possible, and serve the new food for O/others.

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