Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A sample day in a slave's life

i wake up each morning at 6am to 6.30, because i have possibility to use net only in the mornings. During weekends i get even an hour net time. One exemplary morning: wakeup at 6.30, raise curtains. In the net until 7am (checking out MsRika forums, finishing my translation of MsRika’s texts to Mistress), then i water the seeds, pluck my balls 10 minutes, epilate 10 minutes (sides of triangle of pubes, upper side of penis, perineum, buttocks and the crack) then 10 minutes for doing my hair and shaving, then again 15 minutes in the net, getting the paper, making bran oats gruel, heating water and making tea for Mistress, putting coffee and water in the coffee machine. Mistress wakes up, i draw a chair for Her at the kitchen table, serve breakfast and i open the paper from its folds (unread) for Her (Lina sees me do this). i eat with Her, suggest i would go to the gym, get Her permission, and as i gather my things i make the bed and fold the laundry.

As i get back from the gym She orders lunch for 12am, i may read as much of the paper before i start preparing it, as the time allows. i empty the washing machine, and close a deal on Mistress’s old car, according to Her instructions. She will now get my big Mercedes. As i prepare shrimp-coconut-pasta Mats is baking a barley bread. i lay the table and W/we eat lunch. Then i prepare the car selling documents and clear the table at the same time drinking my second and last cup of coffee that day.

After the deal is completed i may start looking for a used car for me in the net, with a ban to go to porn sites. i do as i’m told, and then She chooses the make of my next car, a small but safe Honda Civic.

i suggest and get Mistress’s permission for washing the fireplace in the basement. i get it shining with Universal Stone. She sits near me as i rub the tiles. i enjoy Her presence. However She is in low spirits and i get a bit depressed too. Then i warm up old food for dinner. At the table i flare up at Mats who deliberately tries to get me upset.

i clear the table and run and empty the dishwasher. Mistress wants to take a walk, and Lina joins U/us. Mistress doesn’t try to hide in any way, that She leads the way 100%. As Lina doesn’t hear, Mistress tells me off for not supporting Her as She has a bad day. i should be extremely helpful and positive if She has one of Her worse days, not vice versa. She felt that as She was down, i immediately took it out on Mats. i thanked Her for valuable feedback and promise to mend my ways. W/we also discussed the right and the wrong way to reprimand Mats – i must not say he’s a bad boy, just that he has done some bad thing etc. i think i got it now.

After the walk i asked whether there are some tasks for me or whether i can use the net. Mistress disapproved of putting the question this way: She told me to think of more than just two alternatives, and finally She approved checking out and thinking about O/our investments: i could use the net, but only for this, no peeking into porn sites. i also paid O/our bills and checked the water quality of the pool, and my weekend’s work schedule was completed.

We start watching TV and Mistress pushes Her foot in my lap, i am allowed to massage Her toes. i cannot stop doing it without Her orders, and She makes me continue one full hour. i dare ask i could remove Her sock and She allows it. i find Her foot erotic as it is no more clad in a woollen sock, only tights.

Lina notices what W/we are up to. She pushes Her foot into my lap for massages. First i say that i don’t massage her foot, but Mistress says i could massage it a little, which is a command to me. Experimentally, i massage Lina’s each toe a little. It tickles and she draws her foot away.

Mistress lifts Her other foot into my lap and i may start massaging that as well, i may remove the other sock as well. Finally it’s over, i must put the socks back.

As kids have gone to bed Mistress orders me to get nail polish, nail scissors, a bowl of water, a towel and bath salt (but W/we have run out of it). She sits on the couch, orders the bowl by Her feet, and me to give Her feet a long and thorough wash, stopping only as She releases me. Then She makes me dry the feet, lower myself on my belly on the floor, take off my glasses and do a pedicure, treating all Her cuticles, and finally paint Her toenails. There’s a lot to do with Her left little toe. Finally i paint that too, and repaint the toenails, following Her exact orders. It was a highly erotic task for a chastisee like me, and i thank Her from all my heart.

Then i suggest weighing myself, and She approves. My weight went down during Christmas (this sample day was between Christmas and New Year). She orders me to eat more, get a little fatter (i’m quite skinny).

Finally i end up kneeling by O/our bed, as She tosses Her old clothes on me to put to the dirty laundry. As She orders me to sleep She tells me to masturbate twice to the edge in the toilet of my office.

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