Friday, 20 August 2010

She makes me masturbate in the office toilet again

It’s a holiday again and W/we wake up together. She wants to discuss yesterday’s events as She plays with the cat, ordering only a cup of tea first. Then She sends me to make gruel for breakfast.

She has decided it’s the cleaning day. We have a cleaner, but she’s on holiday during the holiday season so i “may” use the whole day to clean the place (W/we have a big house). It takes until lunchtime to vacuum all floors, then i may have a break and warm up tortillas for lunch. She orders me to read today’s paper with coffee after lunch. Then She wants me to escort Her on a big walk. As it’s raining i make the mistake of putting rubber boots on, but the heavy boots wear my strength up. Part of the trip i She also wants me to hold an umbrella for Her.

We talk a lot, but She forbids D/s themes. She will take them up if She wants. However W/we talk about submission. In the old days some sports event would have been my climax for this kind of day. Now in the morning i look forward to servicing Her the whole day. She has notices that i have given up trying to maintain the traditional male role any more. Before it was a very sore point for me if She was more clever than me in men’s work. Not any more.

After W/we get home i wash the toilets according to Her order. i use three different detergents, polish the taps etc. i am getting good in “womens’ work”. My territory is now cooking and cleaning. Mistress praises me for a work well done, and She gives me some net time in the evening, pats my bottom and permits me one praline candy per day as long as W/we have some.

i ask Her about contacting MsRika about the text collection i have edited from Her site, She forbids it. i abide by all Her decisions.

As i warm up sauna, i still wash the floors according to Her orders. During sauna it’s the water aerobics time for me.

For breakfast i make sushi for Mistress, and i eat the oldest leftovers. Kids take some sandwiches.

She informs i will masturbate two minutes tomorrow in the toilet of my office. i do that, and manage to get on the edge in one minute, ruin my orgasm so that two droplets of cum dribble out, and edge again in 20 seconds after that.

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