Saturday, 21 August 2010

She owns "my" time

As i get home from work i warm up a frozen pizza and lay out the table because Mistress is already hungry. As i pick up some trash from the floor by Her, She puts me on all fours and massages my back. She has watched a TV show during the day because i have marked it and reminded Her by calling Her. As i empty the dishwasher She gets behind me and starts pounding my buttocks with Her fists, harder and harder, finally with full force. i must support myself on a door to stay on my feet.

We are going out to meet some of O/our friends. i polish Mistress’s shoes as they are already on Her feet. During the visit Mistress informs that i volunteer to clear the table, and i do it together with the male friend of the hostess. i also finish a cake for the coffee table, which Mistress brought as a present.

Next day i visit two stores after my working hours to search for ingredients for chicken korma, and i test one possible car for me. At home i start preparing korma right away, as it takes time. As the meat marinates i eat, but Mistress hurries me up to continue. She comes behind me as i prepare korma, bites my ear, presses me down and kisses me intensively. As i have the food ready (it’s for tomorrow) i ask whether i also prepare rice. She says no, orders me to wash up leather furniture with a leather detergent. She sits down in one of them, i clean all the others first, but then i politely inform Her if She could move. She laughs, how diplomatically i could inform it and moves.

W/we go through colour choices for the new car, She chooses the colour for me. i ask about warming up sauna, She says no, i must take a shower next morning. Then She orders me to eat two supper sandwiches and go upstairs after that. As i eat i go to my laptop. She notes this, and scolds me severely: i must not do like that any more.

She keeps me on my knees for a quarter, though it is late and i must wake up early for work tomorrow. She shows me that She owns “my” time. She kisses me in bed, ordering me to take Her kiss passively. It feels so good, and i get a big erection, and fall asleep with it as soon as She allows me to.

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