Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Shopping with the Ladies

In the morning i am allowed to masturbate in the bed, but she makes me stop before i near the edge. i praised my situation to Her: i was just allowed to fuck my Wife and i’m still hopelessly stuck on Her. i propose Her what i could do now, and She chooses me going out to buy some bread and then make some breakfast and coffee. i had to walk far to get bread that early.

i was then to go to Aqualand with kids, and we had a long walk back. i got to get some takeaway food next and when i surprised mother-in-law by wanting to join them for their shopping spree. What T/they picked up i collected at the back of my hand and then queued at the cashier. This repeated in the next shop as well. As i was queuing there W/women already left for the next shop and left me behind 6 women at the cashier line. Mistress chose a tight tricot shirt for me. i was allowed to try it on, and then She chose the color by raising different shirts before me, as other customers watched and mother-in-law commented on the colors. However She chose bright red Herself, not because of Her mom’s opinion. Again i queued.

As W/we went eating later i tried to trail Mistress more clearly. In the evening it was my job to hand wash dishes s there was no dishwasher in O/our apartment. Then to bed, no treats this time.

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