Sunday, 1 August 2010

Washing the bathroom walls on a Tuesday night


I wake up before 6, epilate and shave. Then i read a little MsRika. Mistress wakes up, and sends me to fill carbage can as it’s going to be emptied today. i make Her tea and She orders sandwiches for breakfast, i make some for Her and for me. i fold laundry spontaneously, and put them in the right places. She approves the procedure that i can pick up next chore from the chore list myself. i do another chore from the list, change a light bulb, and head for work.

i have a seminar at work. i am still especially horny, and notice i am looking at a woman’s boots.

As i get home i kiss Mistress right away. She tells me not to bend my knees to get on Her level as i kiss with Her, She doesn’t like it. i find a recipe for the next meal, and have it approved by Mistress and head for the grocery shop and gym. i have an exercise program i have to go through at the gym.

At home Mistress orders me first to help Lina prepare for an exam. Then i suggest a task from the list: washing up the walls of our pool machinery room, but She takes me to our grand bathroom. She has noted that its walls are dirty. She chooses the detergent, and a washcloth for me, and the next hour i spend washing the walls. The other family is baking, and next W/we eat.

In the evening i don’t get a natural chance to ask for a next chore, and there is no time to start a big project, so i read a little of MsRika. Then upstairs. Mistress is already in bed, reading a book. i prepare for bed, ask if i can enter the bedroom naked and put pyjamas on there, but it’s not ok. i may read my own book kneeling by the bed, as She reads hers. She interrupts me to fetch Her lip balm. i offer to fill Her waterglass, to grease Her up or to massage Her, but She only accepts massaging as She couldn’t get to sleep immediately.

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