Monday, 9 August 2010

What is a D/s Christmas like with kids?

It’s 4 months till Christmas, but i’ll tell you about O/our first D/s Christmas now.

During Christmas i am responsible for making all but two dishes and all groceries shopping. i am naturally also responsible for the clenliness of the kitchen and clearing everything after the meals. As present i get a necklace that has a plain silver plate with a text “Reserved”. i will have to wear it always, under my clothes t work and on top of clothes during free time. i get also a box of candies, which i may eat as i wish, but She hints that i ought to be thrifty with the sweets as i will not get any other candy for a long time. Mistress eats freely from my candy box, as i try to save them. She has bought Her favourite candies for me. As W/we visit relatives during Christmas time i get to eat quite a lot of candy however, but as soon as W/we get back home, my “candy discipline” is restored. For a good behaviour i get also two candies from the family’s sweet box a little after Christmas.

During Christmas Night i may hump Her knee a bit. i have bought Her a black corset as a present. It reaches from below Her breasts to the top of Her pelvis. It’s too small, but i can change it for a right size after Christmas. She gives me a session that night. She shaves Her pussy lips and has me shave around Her anus. i may put leather bracelets to my wrists and ankles, put on a condom (i draw foreskin on top of glans to prevent prematureness) and kneel while She puts on the corset. i may put stockings on Her feet, i do it extremely carefully. Then She rises, shows Her frontside and Her lovely bottom, but i dare not touch Her. Then She gives the “on the bed on your back” sign (pointing at the bed), and ties may wrists to the middle of the headboard. She sits on my belly and offers her lovely breasts for me to suck. After a while of licking and sucking She moves on me, until her pussy is directly on top of my mouth, and i start licking it. i try a new trick ‘licking the alphabet’. i write with the tip of my tongue “i love Mistress Mads” (Her name) around Her clitoris. She doesn’t think it feels better than my usual licking, though.

She moves so that She can insert my clitty in Her pussy, and then She starts fucking it, moving up and down. i am immobile until She rises Herself and gives me a sign to start fucking Her from below. i fuck Her until i'm nearing the edge. i get close to orgasm, as She contiues to move after i stop. O/our shaved crotches make a wonderful loud slapping noise as T/they hit together.

She removes my hands and gets on Her side, facing away from me, and guides my clitty inside Her. i continue to bang, but it doesn’t feel right for Her. She rises on all fours, and i may continue doggy style, until She cums, but i don’t.

She feels generous and lets me masturbate afterwards until i nearly cum. It takes only a few seconds for me to get to the edge. ‘Letäs go to sleep’

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