Thursday, 30 September 2010

Mistress requires better quality service

After work i have just enough time to down the oldest remains of food found in the fridge before i have to drive Lina to her hobby and Mistress shopping. i ask if i can change my work suit – ‘Nope, no time for that’.

i am not paying attention enough, a faraway look in my eyes. Is it my troubles at work or did the ruined orgasm all the same give me release in a similar way as a proper orgasm? i am a bit grumpy during the shopping spree. In the car W/we talk about me giving Her pedicure, but it doesn’t get realized.

At home i tend to the laundry, then i pick up Lina. i prepare a supper and slice salmon and put the pieces in marinade for tomorrow’s dinner. Mistress starts nodding and goes to bed at 8pm. i stay up to look after the kids, to browse the net, to clean the kitchen and to fry the salmon bits.

In the weekday mornings only D/s is usually epilating, as i am busy to leave for the work, and i normally leave about the same time as Mistress wakes up. Next morning Mistress wakes up earlier. i go to my laptop again as/although Mistress reads the paper at the breakfast table. That’s a mistake. She reprimands me: ‘No kissing good morning, not even staying in the same room, and what did you do all last night? Even the kitchen is not properly cleaned!’ i answered that i had indeed washed the surfaces and kitchen table last night, but otherwise i just kept apologizing. i try not to repeat the same mistakes.

In the afternoon i pick up mother-in-law, She comes to stay with us the rest of the week as Mistress travels for a two day training. So there’s less chores in the evening, i don’t need to prepare meals for next day, W/we eat the fish dish i made yesterday. W/we go through my chore list for Mistress’s absence. Later Mistress orders me to supervise kids going to bed. i do my aerobics also and unmake the bed. i wait on my knees for Mistress to arrive to bedroom, then She tosses me Her dirty laundry to take to the laundry basket. Chatting with me on my knees, order to go to sleep.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Monday night stroking permission

Mistress has a hard day today: Her period is starting, She has had to do a work assignment in the town a She normally works from home and walk home as the new Civic for me has not yet arrived and She has not claimed my Mercedes yet. i get home quite late, O/others are already having dinner, i change to home outfit, eat, clear the dishes, prepare tea according to Her instruction, take care of payments. Mats makes a veggie soup for tomorrow, so i have free time. W/we watch an food travel show located in Asia and Mistress says the program’s especially for me.

Mistress’s tired, goes upstairs, i follow Her, W/we chat and i lift weights. i offer to massage Her back, get permission and get the skin oil. She is on Her side in the bed, i start on my knees on the bed. After a lot of rubbing and adding oil a few times She says i may also rub the other shoulder. She turns to Her other side, and i go round the bed and kneel on the floor, as Her shoulder is now near the edge of the bed. i continue for what i guess is a very long time, and don’t stop until She releases me. As She sys “Okey” i don’t stop yet, i wait for a clear order to stop.

Next She gives me a big present: a permission to masturbate for 5 minutes. i am settling on my knees and opening my pants, as She informs i will do it in the toilet: She doesn’t like the vibration my stroking causes to the bed. i am already on my way, but i return to ask, whether i am to edge and how many times. i am allowed to have as many ruined orgasms as i can in 5 minutes. i go to the small toilet on ground floor, the “slave toilet”, take my pants off. The toilet is so small that as i kneel on the floor my ass rests against the bowl. i stroke, and manage to get a ruined orgasm at 2 minutes with a small pool of cum before th bowl on the floor and then i edge 5-6 times, but remove my hand so early no ejaculation occurs. As 5 minutes is full, i have to open the door and go out to lick the pool from the floor. Licking the cum is my own extra, not stipulated by Mistress. Then to the bed in a thong and sleeveless shirt.

Monday, 27 September 2010

A cold punishment

i wake up at 6.40 and decide to be a better slave today. At 8.30 i have the breakfast table laid with porridge, tea water heated, and coffee ready to be switched on, paper picked up, kitchen clean, slave thoroughly epilated and triangle of pubes trimmed. i have been browsing MsRika site among a few others.

She wakes up, i ask what sort of tea She would like, prepare it, draw a chair for Her, serve the tea. She reads the paper, i update the diary. Then She sends me to the gym, i do a slightly longer rehearsal. As i return She is watching a tv show i spotted for Her (my mobile was home and alarmed Her). i fold dried laundry into a basket, iron Her shirt and a linen towel, deliver folded laundry and make the bed. Then i ask Mistress when She wants lunch and W/we note that i have time for sawing some timber first. As i return i make lunch with fresh side salad, lay the table and update the diary. i also set fire in the fireplace.

After lunch Mistress makes me iron Lina’s curtains as She watches tv. i have a little time also for watching a movie and reading the paper before it’s time to start dinner preparations. It’s a 4 course meal with self-baked naan, Indian veggie dish, fajitas and chocolate mousse and keeps me busy for a long time, especially as She wants me to warm up the sauna at the same time (with firewood). Mistress’s tv program ends and She moves to Her pc as i commute between the kitchen and the sauna. She gives me a little help in the end and get everything ready.

W/we start with naan, it’s good and i get only a couple of bites. In the evening Mistress says She wants me to start baking bread also in the mornings. i calculate it could work out. After eating i clear the table, watch a little tv with the O/others, clean the kitchen and empty the dishwasher.

Mistress has ordered me to prepare Her a press release now that She needs for Monday about the prize She received. i prepare and send it to Her, but then i make a mistake as W/We sit side by side and i hit Her in the knee with the corner of my rotating chair. i get so upset that i just walk away from Her. Later i beg Her not to void all my efforts today because of this one ourburst. She says, referring to MsRika that it is solely for Her to judge. i admit and submit.

She orders me a punishment: ‘Go out without shoes and socks to the snowy porch, lower you pants and sit with your bare ass in the snow for 20 seconds on the highest step of the snowy stairs'. She wants to see if i’m good for anything. i submit and obey even though my teeth start chattering wildly. Afterwards my buttocks stay cold and red for a long time, i feel cold, and the snow has melted in a double circle form. W/we talk things over as i kneel by Her bed and She makes me do evening aerobics.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Saturday ends in zapping

It’s Saturday again. Waking up at 7, epilating, now i remember to watch my glasses also, 20 minutes in the net. W/we have not bought the cb-2000 yet these days so i masturbate watching some sissy maid kelly pics and i am so loaded i get a little ejaculation without orgasm, e.g. a little semen just appears without any feeling of nearing the edge. Of course i take my hand away as soon as i notice the emission starting.

Then preparing bran gruel for breakfast, emptying dishwasher, burning some cardboard in the fireplace and warming the fireplace (it’s a cold, cold winter morning), making tea for Mistress, getting the paper, laying the table. i have new standing orders to wake up Mistress at 8.45 if She has not woken up, and She rarely does. She is awake as i visit Her, joins me in the kitchen. I pour Her a cup of tea, draw a chair for Her, help Her to a plateful of gruel, make my own coffee and drink it while She reads the paper.

As She has eaten She goes to Her laptop, and as i trail Her there, She snarls ‘Make the bed, prepare the menu for next week!’. i examine my cookbooks, and prepare a menu with a lot of Indian and other new dishes She has selected for trying out. i present my proposal to Mistress who is still sitting by the laptop, and She makes me help with Her travelling plans (She’s making a business trip soon) and sends me to make grocery shopping alone. i bring home 4 bags full of food, and Mistress states that as kids woke up so late and their mates visiting us have already eaten, i will make lunch for us two only.

After lunch She reminds me sternly that i have forgotten something, and i am so sorry i cannot remember it even if i try. She has to remind me that She ordered me earlier to clean the fridge and check out that everything in the fridge is in condition. i do it right away, and after that i ask for coffee. ‘Yes, but no dessert for you, and now that you have eaten all the pralines you got as a present, no more sweets daily.’ i empty washing machine and dryer while drinking coffee.

i may write my diary until it is time to prepare dinner. After eating She wants me to take out garbage and then prepare an exotic fruit salad with fresh fruits and warm caramel sauce for dessert. While eating She says She thinks She’s becoming ill. i say maybe She should cancel a work assignment She has for Monday if She gets ill, She orders me to shut my mouth, as that’s none of my business.

i try to go to my pc now without asking for permission. She notices it and remarks that some of the tasks She ordered me are still not done: washing and oiling the wooden chair in my study, and preparing chili marinated garlic for Her. i start with the chair, and wash it with a sponge, then Lina needs to use the chair. i read a bit of the paper and then Mistress sends me to pick up some food from McDonalds. After eating i try to sneak into my study again for some net porn, but She reminds me that the tasks are still not completed and that i will get a punishment in the form of the electric training collar. i continue oiling the chair now, and then, as others watch Saturday Night Live i peel garlic, tens of cloves and make a marinade for them.

i clean up kitchen as i’m ready, then upstairs, brushing teeth, unmaking the bed. She’s ill, doesn’t speak, just goes to bed. i ask if i turn off the lights. She says yes, but after W/we have been silent for a couple of minutes in bed, She orders me to get the electric training collar and put it round my neck. She points the bed, i join Her in it, beside Her, on my back, and i may turn off the light now. At random intervals She zaps me, making me utter a moan most times. Each zap startles me so much, they come us a complete surprise. Sometimes She uses a strong shock. She starts talking to me finally: “Were you about to sleep” She says as She has made sure i’m wide awake with a strong shock. i am tired all right, and a couple of times a strong zap brings me back from the gates of sleep. She starts going through my shortcomings, then O/our life in general, my dreams, and zaps me every now and then. i am excited and frightened at the same time. As She asks, whether i would like Her to let me masturbate daily, i say no, twice a week should be enough.

As She stops, She says nothing. i cannot know if She stopped or not, and i wait afraid of the possible next zap a long time before i fall asleep. What a unique, fine session that was! The ordeal has the effect that i don’t masturbate without permission at least in the next days.

Friday, 24 September 2010

How to introduce D/s to your Wife

i was asked in a PM how a 40 years old husband could get involved in further D/s relationship with Her wife, who has already agreed to buying handcuffs and a strapon, she spanks him a little, but is not being especially domme. i asked Mistress about that and here's my Mistress's answer:

1. Find out what chores She likes least, and take them over. Overdo a bit. Do it over the top. Surprise Her with quality.
2. Ask Her what She would like you to do (to Her, to the household, to the kids...)
3. You can show subservience to Her actively, without Her telling you to do so, as you do points 1 & 2. You can add some self-discipline also, think of some rules for yourself and abide to them (W/we have a rulebook in making, i will post it soon)
4. Don't push things. If She is not comfortable with something, don't do it twice. But you can make suggestions to Her once in a while.

5. Be very careful not to push your fetishes. If you push Her something that totally repulses Her (for my Mistress it could be taking on another slave), She can start feeling negative about the whole D/s.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

A day as Her chauffeur


Mistress has ordered me to take a day off today. She needs me as Her chauffeur. However i wake up early, epilate and after a while in the net i prepare breakfast: oat meal. i get to eat a double portion: all that remains. i get the paper, prepare tea. As kids have left Mistress cuts my hair. She has me strip naked in the living room, get the necessary stuff and go wait for Her in the bathroom. Afterwards i clean up the hair and the kitchen and W/we leave.

She doesn’t want me to open doors for Her. i don’t know where She wants me to drive Her, She doesn’t tell me in advance. First She has a work meeting, i wait in the car for Her. After that She wants me to drive to shopping area, She goes to a specialist gardening & seed shop. i carry Her purchases back to the car. She still wants to the city center: the biggest apartment store, and two book stores: She buys me a big Indian cook book.

She wants to have some lunch next. She “proposes” a choice also for me, i of course have that. Next She goes to collect a prize from a competition She won. i drive Her out of town to the prize giving ceremony, carry Her bag for Her, carry the flowers She gets, take pictures of Her. Next W/we drive back to the center, She has one more work appointment. i have to wait in the car again, now because W/we just can’t find a parking place anywhere.

Next home. Lina is baking small cakes, i help her to finish them, i do supper, a moment watching tv, then Mistress takes care that i follow Her upstairs and do my exercises. If She has some errands for me She just interrupts what i’m doing and sends me to get what She wants. The exercise ends with a command to get to bed to sleep.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Cleaning Her boots

After getting home after work my evening is filled with chores all through till bedtime. According to Her orders: making the beds, a little food for myself, warming up sauna, full water aerobics, making food for the next day, cleaning the kitchen and polishing all Mistress’s boots in the hall while kids see me.

Then upstairs, getting ready to bed. i feel like getting a cold, i ask Mistress for a long-sleeved shirt and a thong for the night, permitted. On my knees. She orders me by Her under Her blanket. i start humping Her hip, then roll on top of Her and continue humping. “Lock the door and get a condom”. Yes, i may make love to Her! She orders me under the blanket to lick Her. After a while of licking Her pussy She orders me to get Her black corset, i help that on Her. i may put on the condom and start fucking Her, missionary position. She likes it, then orders me to rise and turns on Her side. She glides the penis inside like She always does, i never penetrate Her, and i start fucking Her from behind. i try to caress Her breasts but She denies that so i just hold Her on the hips. Quite soon i find the right rhythm and She comes and orders me to stop. i did not cum. “Wash up, take the condom to the trash downstairs and to sleep”

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

i am going directly to a work meeting in the morning, and i can stay at home longer. i make gruel and black tea with milk for Mistress according to Her order. i clean up the kitchen and ask, with Mats overhearing, if i should so something else, or if i can go to my laptop for some “work”. i get permission but Mats joins me in the same room so i do net bank and tax report.

In the evening Mistress is making a snowman with Lina. Evening for me: changing clothes, making the bed, blinds up. She orders me to eat veggie soup. Then it is time to prepare tandoori chicken with rice for tomorrow. i give also IT assistance to Mistress, continue net banking, visit a porn site without permission.

As W/we are all gathered together i ask if i should make gruel for supper. Lina wants a certain type of gruel, i prepare that and lay the table, afterwards hand wash the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. After washing the kettles She commands me upstairs for some shoulder massaging. i am so quick to brush my teeth that She is not yet ready and sends me downstairs to switch off the lights and wipe the kitchen table. Back upstairs, i have to take aroma substance and skin cream to my hands and start rubbing Her neck, which takes more than 30 minutes. i continue until She commands me to stop. My hands are now strong enough for long massages. Then to sleep.

Monday, 20 September 2010

After my morning chores i work on my MsRika translation a bit before going to work. i call Mistress on my way home to inform Her about a TV program She might like. As i get home i must take Lina to her hobby right away. Then i get to eat, make tea for Mistress, now i remember to place the coaster right side up, i got reprimanded during the weekend for placing it upside down. Clearing Her dishes, then i must go and warm up the sauna. Taking clean laundry to all rooms, cleaning my glasses (Mistress wants this as part of my daily routine, but i keep forgetting this), filling a form for Mistress. i may skip preparing one meal as there is abundant food.

Picking Lina up, to the sauna, with diet coke, a longer water aerobics session for me, adding chlorine to the pool. Chlorine container gets empty, i get a new one, but a lot of chlorine escape the air and i breathe some. Mistress calls 911 poisoning line, sends me for a walk in fresh air. Rest of the evening i may rest and even watch tv! Mistress goes to sleep early, i follow Her. i try to only pee twice a day so i skip peeing as i go to bed. In the morning i have a strong urge to pee, but i don’t wake up in the night.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Surprise fun in the toilet

i call to Mistress from work to inform Her about the delivery of the new car. She is at the gym and orders me “two times”. i understand the sign language and go right away to the morning pee in the toilet (i still try to pee only twice a day) and then kneel to masturbate into the toilet bowl. It takes a minute to reach the edge, and i continue a bit over the edge so that the result is a ruined orgasm with exactly one spurt of ejaculate. A little wiping and ready for the second time. After 20 seconds i get to the edge again, result is some ejaculate that makes it all the way to my peehole but not any further. i am happy that even such a long stroking session like the first one did not bring the regular downtime and sensitivity that a real orgasm brings, and instead i could start right over.

i call Her again, i report that “i visited the toilet” and it turns out i had not prepared lunch for Mistress yesterday. i apologize meekly.

i still call Her as i am in the car, 4 times in total that day. She reprimands me and orders me not to call that often. At home a quick change of clothes, making the bed and i start preparing chicken korma. Before i got home, Lina had wondered, as Mom didn’t start making a meal, but said “dad will do it, i don’t know how to do it”. It takes time to prepare the korma. i fill and switch on the dishwasher while it cooks. As it is ready i inform Her and She orders me to inform kids also. As i get to the kids room i knock humbly, and never enter Lina’s room if She doesn’t say ‘Come in’ or open the door, whereas i enter Mats’s room after knocking.

W/we eat, i empty and refill the dishwasher, clear the table. i tend to the sprouts. Mistress helps Lina with her homework. i knock to Lina’s door again to inform there’s a gardening program starting in tv that She might like. She orders me to finish helping Lina and She leaves to the tv room. i hit on an idea to ask Mistress to choose the dishes She wants from a cooking magazine. She chooses a chicken salad. As She watches tv She orders tea, i prepare and serve it. i kneel and hold the cup for Her, as W/we don’t have a coffee table where She sits. She takes a sip and places the in my hands. W/we continue this even though Lina arrives in the room, She doesn’t pay attention to that. Then i have to start preparing tomorrow’s lunch for Mistress, steamed cauliflower, and green mushroom sauce with a boiled egg. For supper i may eat the cowberry skins.

Then getting ready for bed, She orders me still to download some forms for Her (i also download a video from tnaflix). She has some small errands for me still, getting Her the lip balm, taking food from freezer to prepare tomorrow, talking with Mistress in bedroom while i kneel. i get to warm Mistress’s elbow that is developing a tennis elbow. To bed!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Cleaning cupboards on a Sunday

On Sunday i wake up to water Her sprouts at 5.30 but get back to bed. i wake up again so late i am mortified as i don't have gruel ready as Mistress wakes up. i prepare it and tea, lay the table and serve, then i get Her the paper and make coffee for me. She instructs me to me juice out of cowberries and save the remaining mass as slave feed. Then She orders me to leave for the gym.

As i get home Mistress’s not there. i empty the dishwasher and call Her and find out there’s a note on the table saying i must clean up kitchen cupboards, and wash baseboards and kitchen walls. i start doing what i’m told and when She gets back i hug Her and get to remove Her shoes and put them into the closet. She’s angry for me not finding the note, She thinks i’m an idiot. i continue emptying, washing and rearranging the cupboards, then i warm up some lunch, as Mistress and Mats start baking rolls. Then W/we eat and i make Her ginger tea, and stuff Her one the rolls, but OMG, i understood Her instructions wrong and i have to do it again. i may also serve some cake as dessert.

Then back to baseboards, She gives me a “wonder sponge” that really helps remove the dirt. i have to lie on the floor to wash up the wall below some cupboards. Mistress comes by to supervise my work. Lina mistakes me for sick because i lie on the floor. i continue cleaning until She says it’s time to start dinner preparations, chicken korma according to the menu, but i notice a terrible mistake: the chicken must marinate overnight, so i leave it to marinate and prepare Indian bhaji-onion dumplings instead and cucumber raita.

W/we eat by the table i have laid, and then She orders me to warm up the sauna. Between visiting sauna i check how a eBay auction about a children’s bed is ending, W/we are trying to get it for Lina and Mistress orders me to raise the bid. We go to sauna, Mistress decides i do a light water aerobics program as i was to the gym already. i get to massage Her in the hot sauna. i am about to stifle but i continue according to Her orders until She releases me. Then She sends me to get towels, Lina overhearing. i exfoliate my crotch because epilating causes ingrown hair.

After sauna i write my diary as O/other watch Fear factor. She interrupts me and orders me to wipe windows with microfiber cloths. Then i clean up kitchen and wipe the tables and it’s time to go to bed. i unmake the bed for Mistress.

As i am about to change for my thong for the night She stops me and surprises me by wanting to dance with me for a moment. Of course She leads, and finally i learn how to follow Her, it’s so erotic. i just keep my feet next to Hers, quite easy. i put on my thong, and She tosses me Her clothes to be put to laundry. i scurry to take them and kneel by my bed. i have forgotten to change into nightly lighting. My weak memory is really a nuisance.

W/we talk long about the day, my upbringing as a was a child etc. i continue to kneel up. i have been nice to Her but angry to the kids. How could She control my aggressions? The W/we go to bed. She asks me if i like the pimpinella rose? i could worship it like Her, tend to the rose garden. W/we talk about whipping a slave with a rose. Earlier today, as i presented Her the cleaned and rearranged spice shelves, She asked me if i would like to try chili in my anus. Now i ask about it, She says it would be Her gift to me, tend to my fetish. She orders me to get some skin cream for my ears, they look bad.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

New rules & treats

i am the first to wake up at 7.30, browse Tnaflix, then epilate, prepare gruel & tea, get the paper. Mistress wakes up as i am programming alarms based on Her TV show choices. i draw a chair for Her, serve gruel and tea. She starts reading the paper (i will get a glimpse of it in the evening). She asks about what i did before She woke up, i confess tnaflix and reading a D/s story (which i posted in my stories link “A sissy’s weekend in Heaven”). She says i may only use net in the mornings. i say i can put my sex stories behind a password only She knows, if She likes.

i prepare the weekly menu next, browsing an Indian cookbook, a gift from Mistress. i also look for recipes in which i could use some of the herbs W/we grow O/ourselves, Mistress wants me to use them more. i try new recipes to make the menu varied. For weekends i must plan multi course meals. Finally i go with my cook books upstairs to try to present my menu proposal for Mistress’s approval. She’s busy, and i make the bed better and open blinds before She lets me present my menu proposal. She approves it. i am so wet i get the ‘blue balls’ pain. i check on the shopping list, and She gives me permission to make a chocolate cake for an extra dessert today.

We decide about a code language: if she starts a sentence with ‘hey’ i must shut up IMMEDIATELY. We leave for the town, i open and close car doors for Her on the yard and in the town. i ran to take care of my task at a carpeting shop, so that She wouldn’t have to wait for me. The “Reserved” plate is hanging in a chain in my neck for everyone to see. i make the grocery shopping as She visit a furniture shop and second-hand’s. She calls me to join Her there. She has decided to buy an expensive doll dish.

Back at home i start preparing lunch. However i find some pests and Mistress orders me to poison all the cupboards. i take all garbage out. Mats helps me to prepare the food. i get irritated because of the pests and Mats not getting much done. i make a veggie-lentil-stew for Mistress and stroganoff with Mats. However i will eat old tikka masala scraps, however i guess it compares well tastewise. After the meal salvia tea for mistress, cleaning the kitchen and only then i get permitted a cup of coffee.

i may sit a moment with Mistress as equals to talk about art, and then She orders me to continue: making the guest room bed again better, hoovering downstairs, programming radio channels again in the order She wants them. Just as i am doing that, kneeling down, She presses my head to the floor and pokes my balls with Her foot, reprimanding me for losing my temper while making lunch with Mats. It is un-ac-cep-ta-ble.

Then i’ll make the chocolate cake. At 5Pm as Mistress sits by the TV and watches a gardening show i’ll lay the table and invite everyone to eat the cake, T/they agree it is so delicious. i clean the kitchen again, disinfect one more cupboard. i’ll have to also put some seeds in a bowl to sprout. i will now have to wake up each morning at 5.30 to water the sprouts. i cannot spoil these, i have spoiled one batch already. Then everyone goes to T/their computers and i pay the bills in net bank.

Next i will have to prepare some supper, and after cleaning the kitchen once more (really: a slave must clean kitchen at least 3 times a day, every day to keep it nice and clean for Mistress to visit there), Mistress says She wants to read the MsRika translations i have made. i scurry to bring Her my laptop. She comments that the shambles of punishments, treats and gifts is complicated to Her. As W/we go to bed She tosses me Her shirt, and orders me to take it and the dirty laundry She has left in the toilet to the laundry basket.

i get back, dressed in a sleeveless shirt and a thong for the night. i kneel up to wait for Her next commands in the bedroom. She orders me to turn around, press my head to the floor and place my hands behind my neck. She squeezes my balls with her leg, says they show by the thong. Out of a sudden She sinks Her teeth in my right buttock, biting hard. i bite my teeth, succeed in not crying. She lets go, and repeats it with my left buttock. Again i control my voice. She praises me for taking it well. “Get up. Go to bed and sleep. And empty the upstairs trash can in the morning!” She has Her own style, Her own punishments, treats and gifts, but She is a Domme and dommes me well!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

New stories

i added more links to my favorite D/s stories. 'Amanece and Her slaves' is a collection of stories from a great Domme author Amanece, truth based with some fiction added. They are published here in my blog as you cannot find the texts with Google anywhere else, and Amanece was so kind as to give me permission to publish them.

Amanece calls for true commitment from Her slaves, but Her approach strict but loving, and Her stories are full of very innovative (and HOT) details! She has mostly male slaves, with an occational female slave. Mostly poly families.

The other 'a sissy's weekend in Heaven' is more like a big scene with various parts. Two mistresses humiliate a sissy and a female slave (dressed as exact duplicates). Yummy.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Ironing in a thong

i report to Mistress as i get home. She comes out of a toilet, says i was a little late of seeing Her naked. She presses me against a wall and bends me down to be able to kiss me aggressively from above, and to rub Her body against mine. i get an erection. - Change clothes, switch on the sauna, eat some scraps. Long water aerobics routine. Taking kids to the swimming team.

As i get home W/we are alone. i drop to my knees immediately. i guess the next task is getting naked and doing some felting in the sauna bathroom: rubbing felt in soup water, that is a task i started before the trip, but had not finished yet. However, She says: ‘Draw all blinds. Wear the thong. i undress everything and return in my new thong. She wants to see my butt in the thong as well. She is hungry, She wants rye toast. i make toast and tea for Her, and only for Her as She didn’t mention anything else. She stops me as i arrive to serve them: She will eat them in the kitchen, i lay them there and draw Her a chair. As She eats She asks ‘Are you hungry?’ i may do one for myself. She wants two more toasts, i would get to eat the leftovers also but there aren’t any. As She eats them i want to be on my best behavior and maybe show my butt a bit, and i clean kitchen and even wash some cupboard doors. i also present to Her my plan for Sunday menu: a three coarse dinner, and i draw up shopping lists for it. She reads the tv guide and orders that in the future i will only circle in tv guide all programs that i think She might be interested in (art, documentaries, romantic movies etc.) and She will view them and i only program alarms for those that She chooses. i praise this ingenious idea. She also goes through this week’s programs as i have not perfected in finding the shows that interest Her.

Then She goes into laundry room, and i follow Her like always. There’s a pile of her clothes waiting to be ironed. She works with the laundry me as i iron them, asks if i am disappointed for not getting a sex session now that W/we are alone. i say serving Her in Her presence is just as wonderful, i am totally wet in my thong. Then i must deposit the folded laundry in right closets, bring down dirty laundry, put on my clothes, pick up the kids. No treats later, but i may sleep in my thong for the first time.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

In the morning i empty the dishwasher while eating my breakfast sandwiches. i am hot and bothered whole day at work. After work i do grocery shopping, make the beds, change clothes and eat (ask permission to open a new box of tortillas), then yard work under Mistress’s supervision and command, it becomes dark and i have to keep a torchlight in my mouth as i carry firewood inside. Then i kneel in front of Her, She orders me to put folded laundry in its places, gather dirty laundry. Next is Friday’s cooking: i have to make the shrimp tikka masala that is on tomorrow’s menu, already today, for her lunch. It takes time, then it is time for supper. i am the last to retire, i must still clean up the kitchen, a peek into the net, and upstairs, unmake the beds, aerobics, teeth brushing, on my knees, reading a book aloud, into sleep. i get permission to sleep in a thong from now on.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Defining the rules, and making Her cum

23 jan
i arrive early at home so that i have time to prepare a fajitas meal for 6pm, and warm up the sauna before eating myself. W/we eat, i clear the table and clean the kitchen before going to sauna, where i do a new, prolonged version of my water aerobics.

Later i may change into pyjamas and prepare the weekly menu (i try to get back into shape, really) as O/others eat supper. Then i my eat myself, clean the kitchen and i get minutes net time, i give my thanks for it. i thank Her for each command (for the right to be in Her service).

She orders me to spend on of my 4 remaining holidays as Her chauffeur, two on kids winter holiday week. Upstairs i thank again for the net time; She commands me to brush me brush my teeth and read Her a book about an artist that She gave me to read already in the plane. i read about 70 pages on my knees by the bed, in which Mistress reads as well, and i little before i reach the end She commands me to stop and switch off the lights.

W/we kiss, i spontaneously turn myself on top of Her and try to seduce Her with cuddling and fondling. i massage Her legs with my hardon, which remains in my pants. W/we talk about my right to try to seduce Her, She ends up with being allowed to seduce Her when i am feeling extra horny and blue balled, max once a week though. i stress that She has now a horny bedfellow, always ready for sex (not like the old times). It’s only 4 days since O/our last orgasm. i say that being strict to me yesterday She again made sure She gets Indian meals and has an eager lover. My down time after my orgasm became quite short, as She put an end to it.

She starts to warm up during all this talking, and i start to market a quick and effortless orgasm for Her, by going directly to doggy style – an orgasm in less than a quarter. She does start to fondle me, teases my nipples with Her fingers, but then i lift my shirt to expose them, She orders me to lower the hem back. She orders me to raise my hips and She drags my pants to my knees and masturbates or rather strokes my clitty/penis and balls for a moment. She orders me to take off my pants, lock the door, take a condom and put it on as She undresses.

She makes me lie on my back again, orders my shirt off, and lowers Herself on top of me. Oh She is so warm! She straddles me then, impales Herself on my penis. i stay put, inside Her. She gives Her nipple for me to suck and fucks me a while. Then She settles by me and i move on top of Her into the missionary position. She enjoys that as well, for a moment i think She might cum, but She orders me to doggy position nd guides me in Her again. The angle is not good. ‘On the side’. i try on the side, from behind, a little on top of Her, i accelerate into a very quick rhythm. She cums, i am able to continue until She orders me to stop, and i must obey.

She wonders aloud, ‘How can anyone be left in that state’. i say i would like to get as many ‘close shave’ cums - or edging – as possible, but a full orgasm gives me an unpleasant feeling afterwards. As a consolation i may sleep with the condom on. i offer licking her pussy clean, but She denies that.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Mistress restores the discipline

22 Jan
Right as i get back from work i will have to chauffeur the rest of the family to their affairs, do grocery shopping myself, eat a little, cook and sneak into watching some netflix before time to pick them up. Afterwards i continue preparing a meal, cleaning kitchen and i may watch a documentary on tv interrupted with Mistress’s errands, getting firewood from the shed and massaging Her shoulders.

As kids have been put to bed Mistress gets back to living room, i raise from the floor, kneeling up, She slaps me and kisses me, orders me to keep pouting my lips, no opening the mouth, as i easily do. She is strict. i will continue watching tv on my knees. As the program ends, no free time, but some aerobics upstairs, i must take my pants off for that. Abdominals, back training. Sitting with my back against the wall, as if in not existing chair. Push ups, i try even pull ups. Then She orders brushing me teeth, pyjama on, to the bedroom.

She orders the door locked, blinds on, chest opened, shackles on my wrists, wrists together behind my back. She takes the electric dog training collar, i extend my neck for Her, She puts it on my neck, electrodes at the front. i am on my knees in front of Her. She puts clothes pegs on my nipples, She threads them out through my sleeveless shirt openings. Then She starts to give me shocks, some really strong. i get a gag that keeps my cries muffled enough, as She talks to me about the
annoyance i have caused, She is angry that i have not been slaving good enough, slacking in all sorts of things. She asks if i am threatening O/our contract, i wildly shake my head. She insists that i must get myself back into form, tomorrow i must present a new weekly menu to Her etc. My penis/clitty is in my pants all the time, leaking precum, my pants get soaked.

Then it is over. She removes the shackles, i remove the collar quickly as i am afraid of further shocks. i thank her for punishment and She states it was more like a treat – a gift more than a punishment. Then to sleep.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Predicament bondage idea

20 Jan
Leaving home. i pack the suitcases.

A predicament bondage idea: i stand up, my hands tied to my sides. i am ordered to lower myself into a squatting position, my thighs parallel to the floor. i have a parachute, nipple clamps and a gag on, and a rope is threaded from the chain connecting them to a ring at the ceiling on top of me and back down to the gag so that i must tilt my head and look up because of the tight rope. Now the parachute is connected to a 1kg weight that rests on the floor beneath me. As i must straighten my legs and stand up, i can do that, but i must lift the weight with my balls as i do it. As i cannot hold the weight in the air any more, i must get back to the original position, head tilted up, thighs parallel to the floor. A possible option: a dildo is placed on a pole (e.g. “anal impaler”)

As W/we get back from Tenerife i have trouble adapting to the regularities of the home life and discipline. The daily rhythms are mixed up, no menu planned, W/we have to eat a lot of frozen meals, tv guide has not been checked and no alarms set for mistress’s favourite shows. i unpack my stuff, and make a mistake. i get a SMS from Mistress that says i am to be punished for the mistake.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sissy gets housewife fantasies

19 Jan
i wake up silently again. i patter to pluck my crotch and then to get bread, i do breakfast for everyone. A pot of tea for Mistress. i notice i am like a housewife dreaming of the attention of her husband. No wonder Mistress asks me, as She wakes up, if i would like Her to rape me, now and here, with others to see. i say the thought is so tempting i must consider. Housewife fantasies? i rub Her elbows as She lies naked in bed, i don’t stop though Lina and mother-in-law come by.

Mistress leads us to the beach, orders me to go swimming, i do water aerobics in the sea again. Then She orders me to stay at the beach with kids as She returns to the hotel with Her mom, then i am to do the shopping for the lunch requisites She has chosen. As i get with the shopping bags to the pool, She says Her mom is buying them ice cream and sends me to prepare lunch at the apartment. i fry chicken filets, prepare mojo potatoes, prepare a salad, lay the table. They arrive.

After W/we have eaten Mistress kisses me challengingly, tilts my head below Hers, i must stand crooked, excited. She has noted my workload. Mom does the dishes, i prepare coffee, lay the buns and cups on the table. She says T/they are going shopping, what would i like to do? i say i would like to join T/them, follow T/them, it’s wonderful. i am allowed on the shopping spree, i walk behind them, pay Her purchases, carry all bags (4 pcs), ask permission to buy a 2 euro coat – get permission – an electric shock toy – no permission, a very skimpy thong that reveals buttocks, for myself – get permission, if i can buy them unnoticed (don’t succeed) - a fine apron – get permission “for Lina”. W/we are not buying ice cream, as She says so. She send me with the kids to a pet shop, we run, as She stays with mom on Her favourite square. Later i may pick up some Indian food for dinner, lay the table.

W/we go to bed, i wait in the bed on my knees in pyjamas, i get a short kiss, a permission to masturbate twice to the edge in the toilet in the morning, no cumming.

She falls asleep, and i try keeping an erection up with the power of thought, no touching, but taking it out of my pants, touching balls. i think up a game: if i can keep it erect without stroking, She could offer me one edging, as it would prove my need is strong.

i’m about to fall asleep, but i notice at the last moment and think myself a new erection. Mistress awakes, notices i’m still awake, and fondles my arm. i start immediately fondling Her neck. She opens a drawer, takes out a condom. i ask if i am to put it on – Yes – She goes to the toilet. i put it on, with my penis still sticking out of a slit in the pyjama pants, then i understand She would probably like to fuck with me and it means i should undress which i do. She returns naked, i lay on my back as an X. She sits on me, gives me a nipple to suck, then changes it to another, enjoys, emits sounds, is wonderful, soft. Sits on my legs, masturbates my condom-clad penis for a moment, impales Herself on it, fucks me, makes me fuck Her from below, it goes well, even the bed doesn’t squeak. She fucks me again, then rises, on all fours. Not good, on O/our sides, partly me on top of Her. Back to doggy style. There’s noise, the bed squeaks now, my body slaps against her bottom loudly. She starts cumming, orders me to continue. W/we make a lot of noise. Somebody wakes up in the neighbouring apartment and goes on the balcony. i start cumming as well and i cum, what a wonderful feeling. That’s my 4th orgasm in more than 5 months (since W/we started), but only 2 weeks from the previous one. i promise to try to keep up the level of service. That would be my benefit too, as She maybe allows me orgasms more often if i succeed.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

How a dog feels when rubbed by its Owner?

18 Jan
i have got instructions to rise up more silently in the mornings, i have been disturbing Mistress. i have to get bread, prepare breakfast, pluck hair from my balls and wait until someone else wakes up before i can shower and make sandwiches. Mistress joins me in the bathroom as i have been plucking a good while after doing everything else. She brings Her panties and socks: OMG, i forgot to wash them like She ordered. i wash them now, and complete the breakfast with mother-in-law and leave to hire us a car. i get back to report and Mistress tells me which one to hire, and to drive it to the hotel, where O/others hop in. W/we drive around according to Her instructions.

At McDonalds i happen to promise ice creams for kids, but Mistress turns down the idea and i have to agree without objections. As W/we get back i drive them to the door before going to park the vehicle. As i get inside, Mistress orders me in a hidden way to make tea as T/they go swimming. i do it, and after T/they return She rubs me until i fall asleep. It’s a bliss, i understand what a dog feels as its master rubs it, together with the leader of the pack.

In the evening i walk trailing Mistress again as W/we walk as a group. The lack of sex consumes me.

Friday, 3 September 2010

i wake up at 7, we walk to the bakery with Lina. Back at the apartment, trimming the pubic triangle, shaving armpits, morning swim. i have to dip into the water as Mistress counts 5,4,3,2,1 for me. At the beach i settle by Her feet on a towel, She sits on a bench. i clean her toes and soles. We make a long walk towards las Americas, She chooses us a lunch restaurant.

After the walk i serve tea, coffee and biscuits to the Ladies on the balcony. In the evening W/we tour Los Cristianos headed by Mistress. i have to scurry back and forth to read the pizzeria menus, finally i may order, and later pick up the take away pizzas and Indian meals for us. i have to eat the oldest leftovers, warmed kindly for me by Mistress as i was waiting for the take away food to get ready. No treats in bed, W/we tuck in early.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

a slave is busy also on vacation

The next day begins with a one kilometre walk for the fresh bread. After that i prepare breakfast and start learning Spanish. i get a scolding for doing that and not preparing today’s trip, as Mistress wakes up. i pack up the rucksack.

W/we walk up to a mountain. i try to walk first and remove loose pebbles from the path if there is no choice of path to be made. As W/we get back Mistress sends me to do groceries shopping with kids. Then i make coffee and tea, serve it on the balcony with buns. Mistress is kind enough to arrange time for me too epilate in the apartment as O/others go to the beach. A full epilation, already due. As T/they retyrn i am sent to pick up some McDonalds meals and i will also serve them, clear the table and wash it as Mistress so orders.

In the evening i follow the Ladies on T/their shopping tour, until i suggest i could go and order some take away food for dinner. i order Indian food and run back to the apartment, warm yesterday’s leftovers for me and lay the table. i run into the Ladies at the hotel area as i leave to collect the take away meals. They are just returning.

We eat, then i’m suddenly alone with Mistress. She kisses me from above, and orders me to clear the table, wash the dishes and wash the table. i’m excited and very wet. i tell Her how i invested into the dinner. She asks if i think i deserve a prize? i say no, it was just normal routine that is required from me, but any treats from the capricious Mistress will be received with pleasure.

However, no treats follow.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

In kitchen with mother-in-law

W/we woke up early with Mistress. i got to massage Her shoulders and back first, and after Lina interrupted as, i got to massage Lina’s back as well. Next i get fresh bread, make sandwiches, mother-in-law made coffee, and after W/we had eaten i did the dishes. W/we are dividing kitchen duties between me and mother-in-law.

W/we do a walk, i trail Her. Then i make some coffee and wash dishes again. In the evening i order Indian take away food that Mistress has chosen. As i bring the food back to the hotel Mistress talks to me from the balcony where She is with the others. ‘Now be careful what you say, i can spit down from here’, She says. i bring the meals meekly, lay the table, fry old leftovers for myself. Mother-in-law does the dishes.

In the evening She orders me to masturbate twice to the edge in the toilet. i do it on my knees leaning on a bide bowl brushing my teeth simultaneously with my left hand not to waste time. i manage to create a small leakage twice. As i wash myself in the bide it’s washed away.