Friday, 17 September 2010

Cleaning cupboards on a Sunday

On Sunday i wake up to water Her sprouts at 5.30 but get back to bed. i wake up again so late i am mortified as i don't have gruel ready as Mistress wakes up. i prepare it and tea, lay the table and serve, then i get Her the paper and make coffee for me. She instructs me to me juice out of cowberries and save the remaining mass as slave feed. Then She orders me to leave for the gym.

As i get home Mistress’s not there. i empty the dishwasher and call Her and find out there’s a note on the table saying i must clean up kitchen cupboards, and wash baseboards and kitchen walls. i start doing what i’m told and when She gets back i hug Her and get to remove Her shoes and put them into the closet. She’s angry for me not finding the note, She thinks i’m an idiot. i continue emptying, washing and rearranging the cupboards, then i warm up some lunch, as Mistress and Mats start baking rolls. Then W/we eat and i make Her ginger tea, and stuff Her one the rolls, but OMG, i understood Her instructions wrong and i have to do it again. i may also serve some cake as dessert.

Then back to baseboards, She gives me a “wonder sponge” that really helps remove the dirt. i have to lie on the floor to wash up the wall below some cupboards. Mistress comes by to supervise my work. Lina mistakes me for sick because i lie on the floor. i continue cleaning until She says it’s time to start dinner preparations, chicken korma according to the menu, but i notice a terrible mistake: the chicken must marinate overnight, so i leave it to marinate and prepare Indian bhaji-onion dumplings instead and cucumber raita.

W/we eat by the table i have laid, and then She orders me to warm up the sauna. Between visiting sauna i check how a eBay auction about a children’s bed is ending, W/we are trying to get it for Lina and Mistress orders me to raise the bid. We go to sauna, Mistress decides i do a light water aerobics program as i was to the gym already. i get to massage Her in the hot sauna. i am about to stifle but i continue according to Her orders until She releases me. Then She sends me to get towels, Lina overhearing. i exfoliate my crotch because epilating causes ingrown hair.

After sauna i write my diary as O/other watch Fear factor. She interrupts me and orders me to wipe windows with microfiber cloths. Then i clean up kitchen and wipe the tables and it’s time to go to bed. i unmake the bed for Mistress.

As i am about to change for my thong for the night She stops me and surprises me by wanting to dance with me for a moment. Of course She leads, and finally i learn how to follow Her, it’s so erotic. i just keep my feet next to Hers, quite easy. i put on my thong, and She tosses me Her clothes to be put to laundry. i scurry to take them and kneel by my bed. i have forgotten to change into nightly lighting. My weak memory is really a nuisance.

W/we talk long about the day, my upbringing as a was a child etc. i continue to kneel up. i have been nice to Her but angry to the kids. How could She control my aggressions? The W/we go to bed. She asks me if i like the pimpinella rose? i could worship it like Her, tend to the rose garden. W/we talk about whipping a slave with a rose. Earlier today, as i presented Her the cleaned and rearranged spice shelves, She asked me if i would like to try chili in my anus. Now i ask about it, She says it would be Her gift to me, tend to my fetish. She orders me to get some skin cream for my ears, they look bad.

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