Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Cleaning Her boots

After getting home after work my evening is filled with chores all through till bedtime. According to Her orders: making the beds, a little food for myself, warming up sauna, full water aerobics, making food for the next day, cleaning the kitchen and polishing all Mistress’s boots in the hall while kids see me.

Then upstairs, getting ready to bed. i feel like getting a cold, i ask Mistress for a long-sleeved shirt and a thong for the night, permitted. On my knees. She orders me by Her under Her blanket. i start humping Her hip, then roll on top of Her and continue humping. “Lock the door and get a condom”. Yes, i may make love to Her! She orders me under the blanket to lick Her. After a while of licking Her pussy She orders me to get Her black corset, i help that on Her. i may put on the condom and start fucking Her, missionary position. She likes it, then orders me to rise and turns on Her side. She glides the penis inside like She always does, i never penetrate Her, and i start fucking Her from behind. i try to caress Her breasts but She denies that so i just hold Her on the hips. Quite soon i find the right rhythm and She comes and orders me to stop. i did not cum. “Wash up, take the condom to the trash downstairs and to sleep”

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