Monday, 27 September 2010

A cold punishment

i wake up at 6.40 and decide to be a better slave today. At 8.30 i have the breakfast table laid with porridge, tea water heated, and coffee ready to be switched on, paper picked up, kitchen clean, slave thoroughly epilated and triangle of pubes trimmed. i have been browsing MsRika site among a few others.

She wakes up, i ask what sort of tea She would like, prepare it, draw a chair for Her, serve the tea. She reads the paper, i update the diary. Then She sends me to the gym, i do a slightly longer rehearsal. As i return She is watching a tv show i spotted for Her (my mobile was home and alarmed Her). i fold dried laundry into a basket, iron Her shirt and a linen towel, deliver folded laundry and make the bed. Then i ask Mistress when She wants lunch and W/we note that i have time for sawing some timber first. As i return i make lunch with fresh side salad, lay the table and update the diary. i also set fire in the fireplace.

After lunch Mistress makes me iron Lina’s curtains as She watches tv. i have a little time also for watching a movie and reading the paper before it’s time to start dinner preparations. It’s a 4 course meal with self-baked naan, Indian veggie dish, fajitas and chocolate mousse and keeps me busy for a long time, especially as She wants me to warm up the sauna at the same time (with firewood). Mistress’s tv program ends and She moves to Her pc as i commute between the kitchen and the sauna. She gives me a little help in the end and get everything ready.

W/we start with naan, it’s good and i get only a couple of bites. In the evening Mistress says She wants me to start baking bread also in the mornings. i calculate it could work out. After eating i clear the table, watch a little tv with the O/others, clean the kitchen and empty the dishwasher.

Mistress has ordered me to prepare Her a press release now that She needs for Monday about the prize She received. i prepare and send it to Her, but then i make a mistake as W/We sit side by side and i hit Her in the knee with the corner of my rotating chair. i get so upset that i just walk away from Her. Later i beg Her not to void all my efforts today because of this one ourburst. She says, referring to MsRika that it is solely for Her to judge. i admit and submit.

She orders me a punishment: ‘Go out without shoes and socks to the snowy porch, lower you pants and sit with your bare ass in the snow for 20 seconds on the highest step of the snowy stairs'. She wants to see if i’m good for anything. i submit and obey even though my teeth start chattering wildly. Afterwards my buttocks stay cold and red for a long time, i feel cold, and the snow has melted in a double circle form. W/we talk things over as i kneel by Her bed and She makes me do evening aerobics.

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