Thursday, 23 September 2010

A day as Her chauffeur


Mistress has ordered me to take a day off today. She needs me as Her chauffeur. However i wake up early, epilate and after a while in the net i prepare breakfast: oat meal. i get to eat a double portion: all that remains. i get the paper, prepare tea. As kids have left Mistress cuts my hair. She has me strip naked in the living room, get the necessary stuff and go wait for Her in the bathroom. Afterwards i clean up the hair and the kitchen and W/we leave.

She doesn’t want me to open doors for Her. i don’t know where She wants me to drive Her, She doesn’t tell me in advance. First She has a work meeting, i wait in the car for Her. After that She wants me to drive to shopping area, She goes to a specialist gardening & seed shop. i carry Her purchases back to the car. She still wants to the city center: the biggest apartment store, and two book stores: She buys me a big Indian cook book.

She wants to have some lunch next. She “proposes” a choice also for me, i of course have that. Next She goes to collect a prize from a competition She won. i drive Her out of town to the prize giving ceremony, carry Her bag for Her, carry the flowers She gets, take pictures of Her. Next W/we drive back to the center, She has one more work appointment. i have to wait in the car again, now because W/we just can’t find a parking place anywhere.

Next home. Lina is baking small cakes, i help her to finish them, i do supper, a moment watching tv, then Mistress takes care that i follow Her upstairs and do my exercises. If She has some errands for me She just interrupts what i’m doing and sends me to get what She wants. The exercise ends with a command to get to bed to sleep.

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