Friday, 10 September 2010

Defining the rules, and making Her cum

23 jan
i arrive early at home so that i have time to prepare a fajitas meal for 6pm, and warm up the sauna before eating myself. W/we eat, i clear the table and clean the kitchen before going to sauna, where i do a new, prolonged version of my water aerobics.

Later i may change into pyjamas and prepare the weekly menu (i try to get back into shape, really) as O/others eat supper. Then i my eat myself, clean the kitchen and i get minutes net time, i give my thanks for it. i thank Her for each command (for the right to be in Her service).

She orders me to spend on of my 4 remaining holidays as Her chauffeur, two on kids winter holiday week. Upstairs i thank again for the net time; She commands me to brush me brush my teeth and read Her a book about an artist that She gave me to read already in the plane. i read about 70 pages on my knees by the bed, in which Mistress reads as well, and i little before i reach the end She commands me to stop and switch off the lights.

W/we kiss, i spontaneously turn myself on top of Her and try to seduce Her with cuddling and fondling. i massage Her legs with my hardon, which remains in my pants. W/we talk about my right to try to seduce Her, She ends up with being allowed to seduce Her when i am feeling extra horny and blue balled, max once a week though. i stress that She has now a horny bedfellow, always ready for sex (not like the old times). It’s only 4 days since O/our last orgasm. i say that being strict to me yesterday She again made sure She gets Indian meals and has an eager lover. My down time after my orgasm became quite short, as She put an end to it.

She starts to warm up during all this talking, and i start to market a quick and effortless orgasm for Her, by going directly to doggy style – an orgasm in less than a quarter. She does start to fondle me, teases my nipples with Her fingers, but then i lift my shirt to expose them, She orders me to lower the hem back. She orders me to raise my hips and She drags my pants to my knees and masturbates or rather strokes my clitty/penis and balls for a moment. She orders me to take off my pants, lock the door, take a condom and put it on as She undresses.

She makes me lie on my back again, orders my shirt off, and lowers Herself on top of me. Oh She is so warm! She straddles me then, impales Herself on my penis. i stay put, inside Her. She gives Her nipple for me to suck and fucks me a while. Then She settles by me and i move on top of Her into the missionary position. She enjoys that as well, for a moment i think She might cum, but She orders me to doggy position nd guides me in Her again. The angle is not good. ‘On the side’. i try on the side, from behind, a little on top of Her, i accelerate into a very quick rhythm. She cums, i am able to continue until She orders me to stop, and i must obey.

She wonders aloud, ‘How can anyone be left in that state’. i say i would like to get as many ‘close shave’ cums - or edging – as possible, but a full orgasm gives me an unpleasant feeling afterwards. As a consolation i may sleep with the condom on. i offer licking her pussy clean, but She denies that.

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