Saturday, 4 September 2010

How a dog feels when rubbed by its Owner?

18 Jan
i have got instructions to rise up more silently in the mornings, i have been disturbing Mistress. i have to get bread, prepare breakfast, pluck hair from my balls and wait until someone else wakes up before i can shower and make sandwiches. Mistress joins me in the bathroom as i have been plucking a good while after doing everything else. She brings Her panties and socks: OMG, i forgot to wash them like She ordered. i wash them now, and complete the breakfast with mother-in-law and leave to hire us a car. i get back to report and Mistress tells me which one to hire, and to drive it to the hotel, where O/others hop in. W/we drive around according to Her instructions.

At McDonalds i happen to promise ice creams for kids, but Mistress turns down the idea and i have to agree without objections. As W/we get back i drive them to the door before going to park the vehicle. As i get inside, Mistress orders me in a hidden way to make tea as T/they go swimming. i do it, and after T/they return She rubs me until i fall asleep. It’s a bliss, i understand what a dog feels as its master rubs it, together with the leader of the pack.

In the evening i walk trailing Mistress again as W/we walk as a group. The lack of sex consumes me.

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