Friday, 24 September 2010

How to introduce D/s to your Wife

i was asked in a PM how a 40 years old husband could get involved in further D/s relationship with Her wife, who has already agreed to buying handcuffs and a strapon, she spanks him a little, but is not being especially domme. i asked Mistress about that and here's my Mistress's answer:

1. Find out what chores She likes least, and take them over. Overdo a bit. Do it over the top. Surprise Her with quality.
2. Ask Her what She would like you to do (to Her, to the household, to the kids...)
3. You can show subservience to Her actively, without Her telling you to do so, as you do points 1 & 2. You can add some self-discipline also, think of some rules for yourself and abide to them (W/we have a rulebook in making, i will post it soon)
4. Don't push things. If She is not comfortable with something, don't do it twice. But you can make suggestions to Her once in a while.

5. Be very careful not to push your fetishes. If you push Her something that totally repulses Her (for my Mistress it could be taking on another slave), She can start feeling negative about the whole D/s.

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