Wednesday, 1 September 2010

In kitchen with mother-in-law

W/we woke up early with Mistress. i got to massage Her shoulders and back first, and after Lina interrupted as, i got to massage Lina’s back as well. Next i get fresh bread, make sandwiches, mother-in-law made coffee, and after W/we had eaten i did the dishes. W/we are dividing kitchen duties between me and mother-in-law.

W/we do a walk, i trail Her. Then i make some coffee and wash dishes again. In the evening i order Indian take away food that Mistress has chosen. As i bring the food back to the hotel Mistress talks to me from the balcony where She is with the others. ‘Now be careful what you say, i can spit down from here’, She says. i bring the meals meekly, lay the table, fry old leftovers for myself. Mother-in-law does the dishes.

In the evening She orders me to masturbate twice to the edge in the toilet. i do it on my knees leaning on a bide bowl brushing my teeth simultaneously with my left hand not to waste time. i manage to create a small leakage twice. As i wash myself in the bide it’s washed away.

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