Saturday, 11 September 2010

In the morning i empty the dishwasher while eating my breakfast sandwiches. i am hot and bothered whole day at work. After work i do grocery shopping, make the beds, change clothes and eat (ask permission to open a new box of tortillas), then yard work under Mistress’s supervision and command, it becomes dark and i have to keep a torchlight in my mouth as i carry firewood inside. Then i kneel in front of Her, She orders me to put folded laundry in its places, gather dirty laundry. Next is Friday’s cooking: i have to make the shrimp tikka masala that is on tomorrow’s menu, already today, for her lunch. It takes time, then it is time for supper. i am the last to retire, i must still clean up the kitchen, a peek into the net, and upstairs, unmake the beds, aerobics, teeth brushing, on my knees, reading a book aloud, into sleep. i get permission to sleep in a thong from now on.

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