Sunday, 12 September 2010

Ironing in a thong

i report to Mistress as i get home. She comes out of a toilet, says i was a little late of seeing Her naked. She presses me against a wall and bends me down to be able to kiss me aggressively from above, and to rub Her body against mine. i get an erection. - Change clothes, switch on the sauna, eat some scraps. Long water aerobics routine. Taking kids to the swimming team.

As i get home W/we are alone. i drop to my knees immediately. i guess the next task is getting naked and doing some felting in the sauna bathroom: rubbing felt in soup water, that is a task i started before the trip, but had not finished yet. However, She says: ‘Draw all blinds. Wear the thong. i undress everything and return in my new thong. She wants to see my butt in the thong as well. She is hungry, She wants rye toast. i make toast and tea for Her, and only for Her as She didn’t mention anything else. She stops me as i arrive to serve them: She will eat them in the kitchen, i lay them there and draw Her a chair. As She eats She asks ‘Are you hungry?’ i may do one for myself. She wants two more toasts, i would get to eat the leftovers also but there aren’t any. As She eats them i want to be on my best behavior and maybe show my butt a bit, and i clean kitchen and even wash some cupboard doors. i also present to Her my plan for Sunday menu: a three coarse dinner, and i draw up shopping lists for it. She reads the tv guide and orders that in the future i will only circle in tv guide all programs that i think She might be interested in (art, documentaries, romantic movies etc.) and She will view them and i only program alarms for those that She chooses. i praise this ingenious idea. She also goes through this week’s programs as i have not perfected in finding the shows that interest Her.

Then She goes into laundry room, and i follow Her like always. There’s a pile of her clothes waiting to be ironed. She works with the laundry me as i iron them, asks if i am disappointed for not getting a sex session now that W/we are alone. i say serving Her in Her presence is just as wonderful, i am totally wet in my thong. Then i must deposit the folded laundry in right closets, bring down dirty laundry, put on my clothes, pick up the kids. No treats later, but i may sleep in my thong for the first time.

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