Thursday, 30 September 2010

Mistress requires better quality service

After work i have just enough time to down the oldest remains of food found in the fridge before i have to drive Lina to her hobby and Mistress shopping. i ask if i can change my work suit – ‘Nope, no time for that’.

i am not paying attention enough, a faraway look in my eyes. Is it my troubles at work or did the ruined orgasm all the same give me release in a similar way as a proper orgasm? i am a bit grumpy during the shopping spree. In the car W/we talk about me giving Her pedicure, but it doesn’t get realized.

At home i tend to the laundry, then i pick up Lina. i prepare a supper and slice salmon and put the pieces in marinade for tomorrow’s dinner. Mistress starts nodding and goes to bed at 8pm. i stay up to look after the kids, to browse the net, to clean the kitchen and to fry the salmon bits.

In the weekday mornings only D/s is usually epilating, as i am busy to leave for the work, and i normally leave about the same time as Mistress wakes up. Next morning Mistress wakes up earlier. i go to my laptop again as/although Mistress reads the paper at the breakfast table. That’s a mistake. She reprimands me: ‘No kissing good morning, not even staying in the same room, and what did you do all last night? Even the kitchen is not properly cleaned!’ i answered that i had indeed washed the surfaces and kitchen table last night, but otherwise i just kept apologizing. i try not to repeat the same mistakes.

In the afternoon i pick up mother-in-law, She comes to stay with us the rest of the week as Mistress travels for a two day training. So there’s less chores in the evening, i don’t need to prepare meals for next day, W/we eat the fish dish i made yesterday. W/we go through my chore list for Mistress’s absence. Later Mistress orders me to supervise kids going to bed. i do my aerobics also and unmake the bed. i wait on my knees for Mistress to arrive to bedroom, then She tosses me Her dirty laundry to take to the laundry basket. Chatting with me on my knees, order to go to sleep.

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