Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Mistress restores the discipline

22 Jan
Right as i get back from work i will have to chauffeur the rest of the family to their affairs, do grocery shopping myself, eat a little, cook and sneak into watching some netflix before time to pick them up. Afterwards i continue preparing a meal, cleaning kitchen and i may watch a documentary on tv interrupted with Mistress’s errands, getting firewood from the shed and massaging Her shoulders.

As kids have been put to bed Mistress gets back to living room, i raise from the floor, kneeling up, She slaps me and kisses me, orders me to keep pouting my lips, no opening the mouth, as i easily do. She is strict. i will continue watching tv on my knees. As the program ends, no free time, but some aerobics upstairs, i must take my pants off for that. Abdominals, back training. Sitting with my back against the wall, as if in not existing chair. Push ups, i try even pull ups. Then She orders brushing me teeth, pyjama on, to the bedroom.

She orders the door locked, blinds on, chest opened, shackles on my wrists, wrists together behind my back. She takes the electric dog training collar, i extend my neck for Her, She puts it on my neck, electrodes at the front. i am on my knees in front of Her. She puts clothes pegs on my nipples, She threads them out through my sleeveless shirt openings. Then She starts to give me shocks, some really strong. i get a gag that keeps my cries muffled enough, as She talks to me about the
annoyance i have caused, She is angry that i have not been slaving good enough, slacking in all sorts of things. She asks if i am threatening O/our contract, i wildly shake my head. She insists that i must get myself back into form, tomorrow i must present a new weekly menu to Her etc. My penis/clitty is in my pants all the time, leaking precum, my pants get soaked.

Then it is over. She removes the shackles, i remove the collar quickly as i am afraid of further shocks. i thank her for punishment and She states it was more like a treat – a gift more than a punishment. Then to sleep.

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