Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Monday night stroking permission

Mistress has a hard day today: Her period is starting, She has had to do a work assignment in the town a She normally works from home and walk home as the new Civic for me has not yet arrived and She has not claimed my Mercedes yet. i get home quite late, O/others are already having dinner, i change to home outfit, eat, clear the dishes, prepare tea according to Her instruction, take care of payments. Mats makes a veggie soup for tomorrow, so i have free time. W/we watch an food travel show located in Asia and Mistress says the program’s especially for me.

Mistress’s tired, goes upstairs, i follow Her, W/we chat and i lift weights. i offer to massage Her back, get permission and get the skin oil. She is on Her side in the bed, i start on my knees on the bed. After a lot of rubbing and adding oil a few times She says i may also rub the other shoulder. She turns to Her other side, and i go round the bed and kneel on the floor, as Her shoulder is now near the edge of the bed. i continue for what i guess is a very long time, and don’t stop until She releases me. As She sys “Okey” i don’t stop yet, i wait for a clear order to stop.

Next She gives me a big present: a permission to masturbate for 5 minutes. i am settling on my knees and opening my pants, as She informs i will do it in the toilet: She doesn’t like the vibration my stroking causes to the bed. i am already on my way, but i return to ask, whether i am to edge and how many times. i am allowed to have as many ruined orgasms as i can in 5 minutes. i go to the small toilet on ground floor, the “slave toilet”, take my pants off. The toilet is so small that as i kneel on the floor my ass rests against the bowl. i stroke, and manage to get a ruined orgasm at 2 minutes with a small pool of cum before th bowl on the floor and then i edge 5-6 times, but remove my hand so early no ejaculation occurs. As 5 minutes is full, i have to open the door and go out to lick the pool from the floor. Licking the cum is my own extra, not stipulated by Mistress. Then to the bed in a thong and sleeveless shirt.

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