Wednesday, 15 September 2010

New rules & treats

i am the first to wake up at 7.30, browse Tnaflix, then epilate, prepare gruel & tea, get the paper. Mistress wakes up as i am programming alarms based on Her TV show choices. i draw a chair for Her, serve gruel and tea. She starts reading the paper (i will get a glimpse of it in the evening). She asks about what i did before She woke up, i confess tnaflix and reading a D/s story (which i posted in my stories link “A sissy’s weekend in Heaven”). She says i may only use net in the mornings. i say i can put my sex stories behind a password only She knows, if She likes.

i prepare the weekly menu next, browsing an Indian cookbook, a gift from Mistress. i also look for recipes in which i could use some of the herbs W/we grow O/ourselves, Mistress wants me to use them more. i try new recipes to make the menu varied. For weekends i must plan multi course meals. Finally i go with my cook books upstairs to try to present my menu proposal for Mistress’s approval. She’s busy, and i make the bed better and open blinds before She lets me present my menu proposal. She approves it. i am so wet i get the ‘blue balls’ pain. i check on the shopping list, and She gives me permission to make a chocolate cake for an extra dessert today.

We decide about a code language: if she starts a sentence with ‘hey’ i must shut up IMMEDIATELY. We leave for the town, i open and close car doors for Her on the yard and in the town. i ran to take care of my task at a carpeting shop, so that She wouldn’t have to wait for me. The “Reserved” plate is hanging in a chain in my neck for everyone to see. i make the grocery shopping as She visit a furniture shop and second-hand’s. She calls me to join Her there. She has decided to buy an expensive doll dish.

Back at home i start preparing lunch. However i find some pests and Mistress orders me to poison all the cupboards. i take all garbage out. Mats helps me to prepare the food. i get irritated because of the pests and Mats not getting much done. i make a veggie-lentil-stew for Mistress and stroganoff with Mats. However i will eat old tikka masala scraps, however i guess it compares well tastewise. After the meal salvia tea for mistress, cleaning the kitchen and only then i get permitted a cup of coffee.

i may sit a moment with Mistress as equals to talk about art, and then She orders me to continue: making the guest room bed again better, hoovering downstairs, programming radio channels again in the order She wants them. Just as i am doing that, kneeling down, She presses my head to the floor and pokes my balls with Her foot, reprimanding me for losing my temper while making lunch with Mats. It is un-ac-cep-ta-ble.

Then i’ll make the chocolate cake. At 5Pm as Mistress sits by the TV and watches a gardening show i’ll lay the table and invite everyone to eat the cake, T/they agree it is so delicious. i clean the kitchen again, disinfect one more cupboard. i’ll have to also put some seeds in a bowl to sprout. i will now have to wake up each morning at 5.30 to water the sprouts. i cannot spoil these, i have spoiled one batch already. Then everyone goes to T/their computers and i pay the bills in net bank.

Next i will have to prepare some supper, and after cleaning the kitchen once more (really: a slave must clean kitchen at least 3 times a day, every day to keep it nice and clean for Mistress to visit there), Mistress says She wants to read the MsRika translations i have made. i scurry to bring Her my laptop. She comments that the shambles of punishments, treats and gifts is complicated to Her. As W/we go to bed She tosses me Her shirt, and orders me to take it and the dirty laundry She has left in the toilet to the laundry basket.

i get back, dressed in a sleeveless shirt and a thong for the night. i kneel up to wait for Her next commands in the bedroom. She orders me to turn around, press my head to the floor and place my hands behind my neck. She squeezes my balls with her leg, says they show by the thong. Out of a sudden She sinks Her teeth in my right buttock, biting hard. i bite my teeth, succeed in not crying. She lets go, and repeats it with my left buttock. Again i control my voice. She praises me for taking it well. “Get up. Go to bed and sleep. And empty the upstairs trash can in the morning!” She has Her own style, Her own punishments, treats and gifts, but She is a Domme and dommes me well!

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