Saturday, 25 September 2010

Saturday ends in zapping

It’s Saturday again. Waking up at 7, epilating, now i remember to watch my glasses also, 20 minutes in the net. W/we have not bought the cb-2000 yet these days so i masturbate watching some sissy maid kelly pics and i am so loaded i get a little ejaculation without orgasm, e.g. a little semen just appears without any feeling of nearing the edge. Of course i take my hand away as soon as i notice the emission starting.

Then preparing bran gruel for breakfast, emptying dishwasher, burning some cardboard in the fireplace and warming the fireplace (it’s a cold, cold winter morning), making tea for Mistress, getting the paper, laying the table. i have new standing orders to wake up Mistress at 8.45 if She has not woken up, and She rarely does. She is awake as i visit Her, joins me in the kitchen. I pour Her a cup of tea, draw a chair for Her, help Her to a plateful of gruel, make my own coffee and drink it while She reads the paper.

As She has eaten She goes to Her laptop, and as i trail Her there, She snarls ‘Make the bed, prepare the menu for next week!’. i examine my cookbooks, and prepare a menu with a lot of Indian and other new dishes She has selected for trying out. i present my proposal to Mistress who is still sitting by the laptop, and She makes me help with Her travelling plans (She’s making a business trip soon) and sends me to make grocery shopping alone. i bring home 4 bags full of food, and Mistress states that as kids woke up so late and their mates visiting us have already eaten, i will make lunch for us two only.

After lunch She reminds me sternly that i have forgotten something, and i am so sorry i cannot remember it even if i try. She has to remind me that She ordered me earlier to clean the fridge and check out that everything in the fridge is in condition. i do it right away, and after that i ask for coffee. ‘Yes, but no dessert for you, and now that you have eaten all the pralines you got as a present, no more sweets daily.’ i empty washing machine and dryer while drinking coffee.

i may write my diary until it is time to prepare dinner. After eating She wants me to take out garbage and then prepare an exotic fruit salad with fresh fruits and warm caramel sauce for dessert. While eating She says She thinks She’s becoming ill. i say maybe She should cancel a work assignment She has for Monday if She gets ill, She orders me to shut my mouth, as that’s none of my business.

i try to go to my pc now without asking for permission. She notices it and remarks that some of the tasks She ordered me are still not done: washing and oiling the wooden chair in my study, and preparing chili marinated garlic for Her. i start with the chair, and wash it with a sponge, then Lina needs to use the chair. i read a bit of the paper and then Mistress sends me to pick up some food from McDonalds. After eating i try to sneak into my study again for some net porn, but She reminds me that the tasks are still not completed and that i will get a punishment in the form of the electric training collar. i continue oiling the chair now, and then, as others watch Saturday Night Live i peel garlic, tens of cloves and make a marinade for them.

i clean up kitchen as i’m ready, then upstairs, brushing teeth, unmaking the bed. She’s ill, doesn’t speak, just goes to bed. i ask if i turn off the lights. She says yes, but after W/we have been silent for a couple of minutes in bed, She orders me to get the electric training collar and put it round my neck. She points the bed, i join Her in it, beside Her, on my back, and i may turn off the light now. At random intervals She zaps me, making me utter a moan most times. Each zap startles me so much, they come us a complete surprise. Sometimes She uses a strong shock. She starts talking to me finally: “Were you about to sleep” She says as She has made sure i’m wide awake with a strong shock. i am tired all right, and a couple of times a strong zap brings me back from the gates of sleep. She starts going through my shortcomings, then O/our life in general, my dreams, and zaps me every now and then. i am excited and frightened at the same time. As She asks, whether i would like Her to let me masturbate daily, i say no, twice a week should be enough.

As She stops, She says nothing. i cannot know if She stopped or not, and i wait afraid of the possible next zap a long time before i fall asleep. What a unique, fine session that was! The ordeal has the effect that i don’t masturbate without permission at least in the next days.

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