Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sissy gets housewife fantasies

19 Jan
i wake up silently again. i patter to pluck my crotch and then to get bread, i do breakfast for everyone. A pot of tea for Mistress. i notice i am like a housewife dreaming of the attention of her husband. No wonder Mistress asks me, as She wakes up, if i would like Her to rape me, now and here, with others to see. i say the thought is so tempting i must consider. Housewife fantasies? i rub Her elbows as She lies naked in bed, i don’t stop though Lina and mother-in-law come by.

Mistress leads us to the beach, orders me to go swimming, i do water aerobics in the sea again. Then She orders me to stay at the beach with kids as She returns to the hotel with Her mom, then i am to do the shopping for the lunch requisites She has chosen. As i get with the shopping bags to the pool, She says Her mom is buying them ice cream and sends me to prepare lunch at the apartment. i fry chicken filets, prepare mojo potatoes, prepare a salad, lay the table. They arrive.

After W/we have eaten Mistress kisses me challengingly, tilts my head below Hers, i must stand crooked, excited. She has noted my workload. Mom does the dishes, i prepare coffee, lay the buns and cups on the table. She says T/they are going shopping, what would i like to do? i say i would like to join T/them, follow T/them, it’s wonderful. i am allowed on the shopping spree, i walk behind them, pay Her purchases, carry all bags (4 pcs), ask permission to buy a 2 euro coat – get permission – an electric shock toy – no permission, a very skimpy thong that reveals buttocks, for myself – get permission, if i can buy them unnoticed (don’t succeed) - a fine apron – get permission “for Lina”. W/we are not buying ice cream, as She says so. She send me with the kids to a pet shop, we run, as She stays with mom on Her favourite square. Later i may pick up some Indian food for dinner, lay the table.

W/we go to bed, i wait in the bed on my knees in pyjamas, i get a short kiss, a permission to masturbate twice to the edge in the toilet in the morning, no cumming.

She falls asleep, and i try keeping an erection up with the power of thought, no touching, but taking it out of my pants, touching balls. i think up a game: if i can keep it erect without stroking, She could offer me one edging, as it would prove my need is strong.

i’m about to fall asleep, but i notice at the last moment and think myself a new erection. Mistress awakes, notices i’m still awake, and fondles my arm. i start immediately fondling Her neck. She opens a drawer, takes out a condom. i ask if i am to put it on – Yes – She goes to the toilet. i put it on, with my penis still sticking out of a slit in the pyjama pants, then i understand She would probably like to fuck with me and it means i should undress which i do. She returns naked, i lay on my back as an X. She sits on me, gives me a nipple to suck, then changes it to another, enjoys, emits sounds, is wonderful, soft. Sits on my legs, masturbates my condom-clad penis for a moment, impales Herself on it, fucks me, makes me fuck Her from below, it goes well, even the bed doesn’t squeak. She fucks me again, then rises, on all fours. Not good, on O/our sides, partly me on top of Her. Back to doggy style. There’s noise, the bed squeaks now, my body slaps against her bottom loudly. She starts cumming, orders me to continue. W/we make a lot of noise. Somebody wakes up in the neighbouring apartment and goes on the balcony. i start cumming as well and i cum, what a wonderful feeling. That’s my 4th orgasm in more than 5 months (since W/we started), but only 2 weeks from the previous one. i promise to try to keep up the level of service. That would be my benefit too, as She maybe allows me orgasms more often if i succeed.

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  1. Wow...the way She kissed you, forcing your head lower...have not heard that before...TOTALLY HOT!! :)