Thursday, 2 September 2010

a slave is busy also on vacation

The next day begins with a one kilometre walk for the fresh bread. After that i prepare breakfast and start learning Spanish. i get a scolding for doing that and not preparing today’s trip, as Mistress wakes up. i pack up the rucksack.

W/we walk up to a mountain. i try to walk first and remove loose pebbles from the path if there is no choice of path to be made. As W/we get back Mistress sends me to do groceries shopping with kids. Then i make coffee and tea, serve it on the balcony with buns. Mistress is kind enough to arrange time for me too epilate in the apartment as O/others go to the beach. A full epilation, already due. As T/they retyrn i am sent to pick up some McDonalds meals and i will also serve them, clear the table and wash it as Mistress so orders.

In the evening i follow the Ladies on T/their shopping tour, until i suggest i could go and order some take away food for dinner. i order Indian food and run back to the apartment, warm yesterday’s leftovers for me and lay the table. i run into the Ladies at the hotel area as i leave to collect the take away meals. They are just returning.

We eat, then i’m suddenly alone with Mistress. She kisses me from above, and orders me to clear the table, wash the dishes and wash the table. i’m excited and very wet. i tell Her how i invested into the dinner. She asks if i think i deserve a prize? i say no, it was just normal routine that is required from me, but any treats from the capricious Mistress will be received with pleasure.

However, no treats follow.

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