Saturday, 18 September 2010

Surprise fun in the toilet

i call to Mistress from work to inform Her about the delivery of the new car. She is at the gym and orders me “two times”. i understand the sign language and go right away to the morning pee in the toilet (i still try to pee only twice a day) and then kneel to masturbate into the toilet bowl. It takes a minute to reach the edge, and i continue a bit over the edge so that the result is a ruined orgasm with exactly one spurt of ejaculate. A little wiping and ready for the second time. After 20 seconds i get to the edge again, result is some ejaculate that makes it all the way to my peehole but not any further. i am happy that even such a long stroking session like the first one did not bring the regular downtime and sensitivity that a real orgasm brings, and instead i could start right over.

i call Her again, i report that “i visited the toilet” and it turns out i had not prepared lunch for Mistress yesterday. i apologize meekly.

i still call Her as i am in the car, 4 times in total that day. She reprimands me and orders me not to call that often. At home a quick change of clothes, making the bed and i start preparing chicken korma. Before i got home, Lina had wondered, as Mom didn’t start making a meal, but said “dad will do it, i don’t know how to do it”. It takes time to prepare the korma. i fill and switch on the dishwasher while it cooks. As it is ready i inform Her and She orders me to inform kids also. As i get to the kids room i knock humbly, and never enter Lina’s room if She doesn’t say ‘Come in’ or open the door, whereas i enter Mats’s room after knocking.

W/we eat, i empty and refill the dishwasher, clear the table. i tend to the sprouts. Mistress helps Lina with her homework. i knock to Lina’s door again to inform there’s a gardening program starting in tv that She might like. She orders me to finish helping Lina and She leaves to the tv room. i hit on an idea to ask Mistress to choose the dishes She wants from a cooking magazine. She chooses a chicken salad. As She watches tv She orders tea, i prepare and serve it. i kneel and hold the cup for Her, as W/we don’t have a coffee table where She sits. She takes a sip and places the in my hands. W/we continue this even though Lina arrives in the room, She doesn’t pay attention to that. Then i have to start preparing tomorrow’s lunch for Mistress, steamed cauliflower, and green mushroom sauce with a boiled egg. For supper i may eat the cowberry skins.

Then getting ready for bed, She orders me still to download some forms for Her (i also download a video from tnaflix). She has some small errands for me still, getting Her the lip balm, taking food from freezer to prepare tomorrow, talking with Mistress in bedroom while i kneel. i get to warm Mistress’s elbow that is developing a tennis elbow. To bed!

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