Monday, 20 September 2010

After my morning chores i work on my MsRika translation a bit before going to work. i call Mistress on my way home to inform Her about a TV program She might like. As i get home i must take Lina to her hobby right away. Then i get to eat, make tea for Mistress, now i remember to place the coaster right side up, i got reprimanded during the weekend for placing it upside down. Clearing Her dishes, then i must go and warm up the sauna. Taking clean laundry to all rooms, cleaning my glasses (Mistress wants this as part of my daily routine, but i keep forgetting this), filling a form for Mistress. i may skip preparing one meal as there is abundant food.

Picking Lina up, to the sauna, with diet coke, a longer water aerobics session for me, adding chlorine to the pool. Chlorine container gets empty, i get a new one, but a lot of chlorine escape the air and i breathe some. Mistress calls 911 poisoning line, sends me for a walk in fresh air. Rest of the evening i may rest and even watch tv! Mistress goes to sleep early, i follow Her. i try to only pee twice a day so i skip peeing as i go to bed. In the morning i have a strong urge to pee, but i don’t wake up in the night.

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