Tuesday, 21 September 2010

i am going directly to a work meeting in the morning, and i can stay at home longer. i make gruel and black tea with milk for Mistress according to Her order. i clean up the kitchen and ask, with Mats overhearing, if i should so something else, or if i can go to my laptop for some “work”. i get permission but Mats joins me in the same room so i do net bank and tax report.

In the evening Mistress is making a snowman with Lina. Evening for me: changing clothes, making the bed, blinds up. She orders me to eat veggie soup. Then it is time to prepare tandoori chicken with rice for tomorrow. i give also IT assistance to Mistress, continue net banking, visit a porn site without permission.

As W/we are all gathered together i ask if i should make gruel for supper. Lina wants a certain type of gruel, i prepare that and lay the table, afterwards hand wash the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. After washing the kettles She commands me upstairs for some shoulder massaging. i am so quick to brush my teeth that She is not yet ready and sends me downstairs to switch off the lights and wipe the kitchen table. Back upstairs, i have to take aroma substance and skin cream to my hands and start rubbing Her neck, which takes more than 30 minutes. i continue until She commands me to stop. My hands are now strong enough for long massages. Then to sleep.

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