Saturday, 30 October 2010

Masturbation permit

In the morning i leave a bit later to work as i go straight to a meeting. She goes jogging, allows me 2 minutes of net and masturbation time. i get a ruined orgasm nearly right away, some semen spills on my work pants, i have to put them to the laundry.

As i get back from work through grocery store, i bring fresh flowers to Mistress as She is starting an 007 movie with mats who has been home ill. She orders me to cut the stems and put them in a vase. i change also clothes and eat some of the oldest leftovers. As i report to Her again, She orders me to sit on the couch, puts Her feet in my lap, so that i start rubbing them. Later She asks, should i always be performing something? i say i enjoy performing and accomplishing, but acknowledging is most important, a contact. i love being ordered to stay, e.g. on my knees.

i will have to make semolina pudding for supper. In the evening She allows me extra net time, tries to go to sleep early, as She slept so little. But She can’t get sleep. As i join Her in bed, i may rub Her head until i fall asleep myself.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Will work get in the way?

My morning routine consists of epilating my crotch, save for ballsac, which i pluck daily, shave, comb my hair, empty the cat litter box, wipe the hairs off the bathroom floor and wash sink, then breakfast (2 sandwiches and a small cup of coffee only) either standing up and emptying dishwasher while eating, or by the pc browsing. This morning i was also in charge of Lina waking up.

After my working day i do groceries shopping and take Mistress’s mail to the post office. She has an evening meeting so i make kids a meal right after i get home. Then i pick up Lina. After Mistress gets home She orders me to read my Spanish homework. She gets angry as i think not too enthusiastic to go through with Her the parts She had found difficult (She’s completing the same course). W/we go through them anyway, She’s the boss. Her meeting has not been successful, She’s absentminded and sleeps only two hours next night. i am afraid if O/our D/s will be ruined next year as She returns to full time work.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Open D/s in front of Lina

She has ordered me to pick up her stuff from an office in a distant location, i am there 7.55am. i call Her to ask for further instruction and to check if i should still wear the ball strap: “Yes”. i did take it off only for shaving.

Already before returning home after work i remind Mistress of a couple of tv shows in Her weekly tv digest, to inform i will be a little late and to ask instructions about grocery shopping and printing some of Her stuff at work. In the evening She watches Lord of the Rings video with Lina, and i may join them, change clothes at a certain moment and later She orders me to bring a chocolate bar. i get it, don’t get a newspaper for me or anything else, i don’t touch the chocolate myself, though i am hungry, but bring it to Mistress, who breaks it into pieces and after She gives some to Lina She gives also me one piece. Then She tells me to go and eat, and bring Her a portion too, not noodle soup, but something else. i bring on a tray sweet and sour chicken and report what i was going to cook for tomorrow – She changes the menu, She says She doesn’t want the nettle pasta i had on the menu. i go to have some noodle soup myself.

i go back upstairs as my mobile alarms me of a gardening show on tv for Mistress, and inform Her. She starts watching it, i feel happy i was of use. i go to stand by Her, as i would like to suggest Indian pea dish for tomorrow, but She says i will not disturb while She watches tv. Lina is by Her, hearing. Instead She tells me to get Her woollen socks, and put them on Her feet.

Later at suppertime i help Her fill an application. i improvise a small fruit salad at Her approval. After supper She watches some more tv and i come to sit by Her fet to run some newspaper. Then She informs W/we are going to bed. i make some weightlifting until She tells me to go to Mats who is still reading in his room, take his dirty laundry to the laundry room and get Her a spoon for a cough medicine. i wait by the bed wearing my thong, i may dive under Her blanket to kiss Her thighs, but it tickles Her and She trembles, hurting me a little. She orders the ball strap off. It goes back on only if She so orders.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Sunday with ball strap

Sunday morning i wake up only 7.30, a little bit in the net, epilating and plucking, washing the sink after me like always, then hurrying to prepare porridge, as someone’s already awake. i have time to only prepare tea water before Mistress arrives. W/we hug. She asks whether i have the ball strap or not. Oh dear! i have forgotten it, i scurry upstairs to put it on. i lay the table. W/we eat. She goes through my weekly tv guide picks for Her. i clear the table, wash the worktops. She orders me upstairs, to divide laundry into fractions by color. She inspects and approves the divisions and chooses the pile to wash first. Then She sends me to the gym, but as i am leaving orders me to do double abdominals. She is minimizing my down time after orgasm.

Double abdominals make me quite exhausted (and the muscles are sore even tomorrow). Back home, putting laundry to dry, preparing lunch. i must warm up and eat what’s rest of the porridge, so i cannot eat much more. Making Mistress more tea, taking Lina to a birthday party, in the mean time Mistress eats what’s left of the chocolate cake. She goes through my proposal for weekly men, i transfer Her tv weekly as alarms into my mobile, i empty the clothes dryer, pick up Lina.

Mistress orders me to make my Spanish homework, i continue until it’s time to start preparing naan, sweet and sour chicken, rice and fresh salad for dinner, and to warm up sauna. This is beginning to form a Sunday routine for me. Dishwasher is filling up again, i always fill it up, run it and empty it. W/we eat. i clear the table, deal out folded laundry, and get permission to go to sauna. i do half water aerobics session in the pool, and stay the longest. As i return, Mistress is angry: ‘Why the dinner table is dirty, not washed up? Why are you just standing and looking stupid, you should be doing something to it now!’ i wash it up, excited about Her sudden harshness and the attention i got.

Later everyone goes to bed early, She orders me also to retire right after supper, again strict and stern. i brush teeth as told to, lift weights a long time, She checks up my ball strap (i took it off for the shower and put it back), and W/we discuss the day while i’m on my knees. Then She tells me to move on my knees before Her, and She sticks Her tongue in my ear, rolls it around. She is gradually taking over the male role and She likes to penetrate my ear, She keeps repeating that every once ina a while. Then: ‘head to pillow’.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Simultaneous cumming allowed

In the morning i pluck carefully not only my balls but also the crack and around asshole, as i don’t have my epilator with me. i look with two mirrors, and my asshole area is smooth and hairless.

Mistress sends me to a groceries shop and pharmacy, then W/we return home. She informs W/we are not stopping at any roadhouse. The only stop She allows is for yeast i need for baking.

At home i make right away egg noodle sauce and fresh salad. i love being back at home in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. i make teas for Mistress. i have been cutting down my coffee consumption, now it is one small cup twice a day. i make a chocolate cake for dessert. As it has cooled on the attic, Lina and Mistress have started Lord of the Rings video #1. Lina wants me to bring the cake upstairs where W/we have the video. i ask what T/they want to drink. i bring everything to them on a tray and serve them. i view the movie a little, but i have overdue chores. i must go through tv weekly and make the menu. Mats agrees to make a curry sauce from a can with rice. i have to show him how to do it. W/we at, i clear the table. Mistress teaches us to make black currant juice. Her flu is soon over.

In the evening while the O/other family watches tv, i pop in the net, and find some lovely sample videos of the English mansion while i search with ‘sissy chores’ and ‘maid chores’. i succumb to a little dry masturbation. i confess that later in the evening. As a punishment She orders me to get clothespegs from the utility room and put them on my balls. Then i have to read Her book aloud for Her on my knees a long time and get Her the lip balm.

She orders me to go to sleep, but in the dark, under the blankets She orders me to fondle Her buttocks. i start cautiously with the panties on. ‘Preferably under the panties, please’ She says. i continue inside the panties, even lower them, brush Her outer pussy lips with my fingers, whch get Her to sigh enjoyably. She feels quite sensitive down there. i try between Her pussy lips, but ‘Not there!’. i continue squeezing Her buttocks, until She orders me to take my briefs off. Then She brushes Her crotch with my naked penis, and even lets me inside Her, some small thrusts even. i think i could maybe withdraw from orgasm even while fucking Her without condom, like the day this whole thing started (see he earliest post). But She orders me soon to get a condom and put it on. i cover the glans with foreskin under the condom, as She gives no further instructions about it. She lets me fuck Her on all fours, then on the side. i ask Her if i may orgasm, if i am simultaneous with Her. She cums soon, and i accelerate and cum only a second later. i aske Her later if i was simultaneous enough, and She says yes. She orders that i put on a ball sac strap tomorrow morning.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

A visit to Her mom's

i find Mistress on the sofa as i get home. i kneel before Her, and She gives me a sensual kiss. i may eat, then She orders me to pack my bags, She has decided W/we’ll go to visit her Mom tomorrow morning and She had ordered me to use a couple of my holidays. Next She wants me to prepare Her a few CD’s, and later massage Her right elbow for about 20 minutes, as She is going to bed and lies on Her side in the bed. i get no reward afterwards, just another of Her sensual kisses, and then it is sleeping time.
We travel to Her mom in another town. There’s practically very little possibilities for enacting D/s there. Mistress’s also ill. Of course She rules what W/we do: both days She sends me to visit my mom, who lives in the same town in a senior house. On Thursday She sends me with Her mom to hardware store, and makes me fix Her new mailbox. Then She decides i take Her mom and Lina to movies, then come back to visit my mom and later to pick up mother-in-law and Lina, bring them home and go to watch a movie with Mats.

Fr She sends me to do some shopping with Lina and then take kids to a spa. In the evening W/we watch tv and in the bed i may paw Mistress’s butt, put my hands even in her panties, then take down Her panties, hug Her pussy and then She holds my clitty through my undies, and holds my balls that have slipped out of my briefs.

Friday, 22 October 2010

SMS slip-up

At work i answer Mistress’s SMS asking if i watered the seeds, signing it “Servant”. i get home early for once i have a chance to do so. During my way home i hear from Mistress that the rest of the family has lent a car and travelled to Oslo to charge their batteries, in cafes, museums, shops and eating. i call and i hear Mats was using Mistress’s mobile and read my message signed ‘servant’. i get embarrassed and sad. i don’t get it at once that it could be just signed off as humor. Mistress already did so. i get directions to get home, prepare food and try to melt the brake of the Mercedes.

i change clothes, put on overalls, crawl under the car to melt the brake cable and skid with a ht blower. With third try the skid comes off with a snap. Then i put the tools in place, go to net and even commit to some masturbating. i prepare minced meat sauce then, and warm up the sauna before the rest of the family get back home.

Mistress comes a bit later, after returning the car to O/our friends, and orders me to remove Her boots. This is becoming Her habit, She just had me remove Her boots the other day. i gather oldest scraps as my dinner. Then She orders me to go to the sauna with kids, remain to do the water aerobics and wash again the rim of the pool with a special detergent. i cannot use my left hand which i damaged on Saturday, so my right hand wears out, but i make myself continue and complete the job. After washing myself and exfoliating my crotch, dried and i’m already putting clothes on, Mistress comes to sauna, orders me to undress Her and myself, wash Her feet with soap and her pussy without soup, bringing the towel and drying Her with another towel, including drying Her feet and soles. i confess now the masturbation, and W/we discuss about getting me a chastity belt for birthday present (these days i am still on a honor system).

Upstairs kids are watching the last part of Lord of the Rings now, and Mistress orders me by her on the couch, to rub Her. Then She lets me get some supper and bring tea for Her. i have only a sleeveless shirt, briefs and socks. Then She orders the video to be switched off and W/we go to bed. Unfortunately no T&D today.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

An effective T&D surprise

i wake from a dream in which i’m being taken to a board meeting in a sinking boat. In the morning i have no time for net, i empty the dishwasher while i eat breakfast, and epilate only so long i get to my real board meeting in time. i forget to water the seeds, and send a humble SMS to inform about it. Mistress acknowledges my humbleness in Her reply.

During the day the hand break of Mistress’s (my old) Mercedes gets stuck. Tough luck for Her, i never had such problems with it. As i get home everyone’s watching Lord of the Rings video, i have just enough time to eat and change before taking Lina and Mistress to the library, mail office, get a cd that a photo service lost and found, to buy hamburgers and groceries. She wants a lot of chocolate,She says She's frustrated. i get no candy, in the evening i get an orange and diet coke with my burger. W/we continue watching Lord as W/we eat the takeaway burgers. i take the paper and start reading it on the floor near Her feet. Every once in a while She puts Her foot on top of my thigh or rubs it a little. i start rubbing Her toes, get no permission to remove Her woollen sock. She orders me to take the plates down and get Her tea. Then i ask and get permission to rub Her shoulders, which She makes me continue a long time, on my knees as She sits. Lina starts to complain of Her shoulders, wants to daddy to rub them too. Mistress: ‘You must get your own mia [my name]’.

Finally She lets me stop and guides me down on my knees and scratch each other. i clean up the garbage after the movie, get dismissed and retire for bed first. After i have brushed my teeth i confront Mistress who is playing with the cat using a sturdy line, a kind of lash. All of a sudden She starts whipping my chest and sides with the lash, for no obvious reason. As She joins me in bed i say i’m awake. She says ‘Good’, and pulls my Sloggi briefs up my crack from behind, as i lie on my tummy, and bites awfully hard on my buttock, and pushes Her hand between my thighs. As i open up, She grabs my balls through the Sloggis. She keeps Her teeth sunk in my buttock the whole time, i can’t handle it, i let out a cry, and She stops – Mats is also awake and near. However She continues to rub my balls and especially my clitty through my smooth undies, and i kep panting, it feels soooo good. She keps it up, i lift my hips from the bed, face still buried in the pillow, She continues until my hips get tired. Her other hand wanders near my asshole. i get terribly excited, though She never takes my clitty out from my briefs. She gives me a little praise for taking it, as She stops. Then to sleep. i can do nothing. An effective T&D.

Washing up my car for Her

i wake up already at 6.30, use up my net time, epilate. Lina wakes up, wants semolina gruel, i make some, get the paper. Then i hurry with warm water and a sponge out into the snowfall, where i wash and vacuum my old Mercedes for Her to take over. As i am kneeling down scrubbing the rubber mats i get nearly an erection: i have to carefully tidy the car my Domme takes from me. i use a small car from now on. And Her car is now much tidier than mine. Mistress comes out and asks how long it is still going to take and guiding me how to arrange things in Her car.

As i am ready, W/we leave for the gym according to Her wishes, but i have to put Masala chicken to marinade first. As W/we return i prepare a tikka masala lunch. In the afternoon, She orders me to peel ALL of the garlic in the house (She likes them marinated) as We watch Volver. She cherishes the thought that though it takes a long time to peel them, it takes only a little time for Her to consume them.

i get Mats from his sleepovers, start preparing naan bread with him. i also make mushroom soup and wiener sauce with pasta for kids, and busy myself preparing all these simultaneously and warming up sauna also as She ordered. After getting everything ready and laying the table, i ask permission from Mistress to warm up old shrimps sauce & rice for my own meal. While W/we eat Mistress praises how tremendously my cooking has improved.

As i have cleared the table and done the dishes after sauna (Mistress ordered only short water aerobics as W/we were already to the gym), and i clean the kitchen, Mistress marches over to me and orders with a strict tone warm water with honey and smashed garlic, Her favorite drink to fight a flu. Of course i cannot do anything else but ‘Yes, Mistress’ and start preparing it and soon i bring it with a saucer to Her upstairs where She is putting Lina to bed. She orders me to put on the coffee table in the lobby.

After a little tv and reading some of today’s paper (Nowadays it’s good if i can browse the paper before night), i ask Mistress to let me go to sleep early as i have to wake up at 5.45 tomorrow. She grants permission.

Monday, 18 October 2010

i may cum simultaneously with Her

i wake up at 7. i have lots to do so i don’t have any net time. i put fire in the fireplace (it’s a cold morning), epilate, make oat rice porridge according to Mistress’s wishes, get the paper. i start preparing almond cookies but don’t start the mixer yet not to make noise. Instead i do the weekly menu and shopping list after Mistress has woken up and approved it after some cut downs. She thinks i use too much time for cooking. As i start the mixer i am stupid and cut my finger in the blades and get a couple of wounds, which She treats.

i take care of the fireplace, read the paper, then the chores return to me gradually, i make salmon steaks for lunch, take Mats to his sleepover place, get movies that Mistress and Lina have chosen.

In the evening Mistress orders a portion of my shrimp sauce for supper. For myself it is scraps of Mats’s lunch directly from his plate that has been preserved in the fridge for me. Lina goes to sleep early, W/we continue updating Mistress’s CV.

Then She orders me on my knees in front of Her, and, sitting on the sofa, She feels my clitty (in my pants) with Her foot and then with her hand, makes fun of it (‘Is that your mobile?’), making me erect at once. She raises my tight tricot shirt revealing my nipples, fingers and then painfully bites each, i manage to stay silent. Then her feet are back between my thighs, i spread my legs, ask if i can hump myself against Her feet. She gives permission! i start quick humping, but as my breathing becomes too heavy, She orders me to stop. Then She yanks down my pants until they are about to slip down over my buttocks and leaves them there, groping me harshly all over.

i must switch off the lights, and follow Mistress upstairs. i prepare toothbrushes as She is having a pee and bidet wash up. I wait for Her near the toilet and then W/we brush teeth. She is already naked with only Her corset on as i enter the bedroom. i must find Her dark stockings. She orders me to wash my crotch, i use the bidet and return. She has the stockings on now, sits on the bed, i kneel before Her like i must whenever W/we are alone and She sits as i report to Her. i keep my pants on with my hands in the position She left them, but She orders me to remove them now. Then She orders me head down, i may kiss the wonderful bare skin between the corset and the stockings, from every angle, i even reach behind Her for the buttocks. Then She opens Her legs, settles lying on the bed, feet on the floor. i may lick Her pussy on my knees. After a while She points at the bed, making me lie down there on my back, and settles Her pussy on my face. i lick it and See Her breasts wiggle somewhere up. She orders me to put on the condom, foreskin drawn back. i am allowed to have orgasm, but only simultaneously with Her. W/we start with Her on top, then She drops on Her side, guides my clitty in Her like She always does. It doesn’t work out so She wants me on all fours on Her, and She starts cumming soon. i control my orgasm so that i cum only while She is cumming.

Then W/we talk, how to keep me servile regardless of my orgasm. She says i must finish cleaning my old Mercedes for Her tomorrow morning right after dawn!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Mouth to mouth


As return home from work Mistress opens the door for me, kisses me on the mouth, but there’s a catch: She pushes a half-eaten hard candy from Her mouth into mine. i get also a few candies Mats has discarded, i’m really happy for that. Mats does not go to his hobby, so W/we don’t get O/our usual weekly time for just the two of U/us. She seems clearly disappointed for that, She had planned something.

Instead i have to clean my old Mercedes that i have had to hand over to Mistress. As Lina is in Her hobby, She orders me to prepare Lina’s supper, so that She could get Lina quickly to bed and there could be time for sex (?) before W/we are dead tired. However nothing turns out, i have time to mark Mistress’s weekly tv favorites and program the alarms in my mobile.

Friday, 15 October 2010

A perfect little T&D

Mistress has already warmed up sauna as i get home. She’s been at home the whole day. i change clothes, eat (i get discreetly also scraps from Lina’s plate) and W/we go to sauna. i read today’s paper in sauna, and i say i have been slipping from my chores lately. She agrees, says Her big felting job i have been doing in the bathroom is still unfinished, and the Mercedes is still not yet cleaned, and She needs me to prepare Her a petition for a grant. Lina is also present and She defends me, says that’s Mom’s job, not mine. Mistress says to Lisa She has problems with Her back, Lina answers She should do such jobs Her back allows. i ask Mistress, if She would like me to start felting now. No, She wants me to do water aerobics and help Her with the forms after that.

Later i work on the menu, prepare shopping list for myself and take food from the freezer for next day. W/we eat supper, but i’m very tired and She orders me to bed at 9pm. As She joins me in bed later, She yanks my briefs between my buttocks with a strong tug, bites both my buttocks long and hard, as i bite the pillow not to cry out, drowsy. She continues, grabs my balls in my briefs from behind, i help by spreading my legs and raising my hips from the bed as She pulls my ball sac, scratches my sides and squeezes my nipples. ‘Good night’, She says as She stops. What a perfect T&D!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

She's having worries

Mistress informs me that i will have to pick up Her work in Oslo, which means 100km driving for me. i call Her to inform of a tv program She might be interested in, as my mobile gives me alarm i have programmed as part of Her weekly tv schedule. She is having troubles at Her work, She’s going to have some wine. i purchase groceries on my way home from Oslo. As i get home She’s watching another of Her tv favorites. i forgot to remind Her of that, as the alarm went off at the cashier desk.

i empty the grocery bags and offer to massage Her neck right away to cheer Her up. She allows me, until She orders me to prepare us portions of my chicken korma. i clear the dishes as W/we have eaten. The dishwasher is broken, She’s ordered a repair man. W/we start browsing eBay for a bed for Lina.

After supper i go tell Mistress who is putting Lina to bed, about an art program in tv. She doesn’t have time. i offer to put Lina to bed instead of Her, but no. i start preparing shrimps in an Indian way in pumpkin sauce. She comes down and watches tv, doesn’t want anything. As She returns upstairs i follow suit and kneel by the bed. “Get ready to bed”, afterwards i return to the kneeling position. She is in bed already and orders me by Her. Then She plays lightly with my nipples, my buttocks, stroking them lightly all around, even near my asshole. “Start sleeping”

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

i'm Her servant


i may stay at home to prepare food as Mistress go to an exhibition opening and takes Lina to her hobby. She eases my load and allows me to make chicken korma from a mix. i will also warm up the sauna, empty ashes and get three loads of firewood.

Even in the sauna it is not what it used to be. i make my diary there and know i must soon do the water aerobics. Diet coke to drink, not beer any more. i dress in briefs and sleeveless shirt after sauna. She’s on the phone so i continue with making veggie soup for Her tomorrow lunch. As She finishes Her call She takes some soup, and starts watching Jane Austin’s Emma, sending me upstairs to put Lina to bed. i thank and go. Nowadays i always thank for Her orders.

As i get back She gives me Her empty plate to take to dishwasher and orders some tea. Mats is sitting beside Her as She does that. i ask what sort of tea She would like. i bring green tea and a coaster. As there are no further orders for me, i prepare some supper for me, dried bread. Then She sends me to bed, staying up Herself to watch the rest of Emma.

Monday, 11 October 2010

My small car arrives


In the morning i drive U/us to the car retailer to pick up the new Honda Civic, Mistress gets O/our old leather-seated Mercedes now permanently. She informs i will still clean the Mercedes thoroughly for Her!

i drive home with my small car at 7pm. Mistress and Lina come out to admire it, i take the summer tyres to the shed. Mistress decides a test drive is not necessary now, i may go in and eat. However, there is no food, i must prepare turkey pasta for the whole family, empty the dishwasher and lay the table. Later She keeps me close giving me small errands. She watches a little TV as i watch Her for the most part.

W/we retire early, some weight lifting, as She enters the bedroom i remove bedcovers for Her. Then She makes me rub Her feet through Her socks as i kneel and She sits on the bed. She rubs my thong clad genitals with Her feet. She orders me to close the door, give Her stay up’s. She undresses, i’m totally hot. i must kiss Her thighs and ass, stroke the sensitive insides of Her thighs. i my get on top of Her and pretend to be fucking her still wearing the thong, penis trapped. i say i am so excited i could cum in my thong. ‘Get a condom, clothes and socks off, get here by Me’. i get to kiss Her breasts, i also suck Her nipples. Then i may put on the condom, and get on top of Her gain, my penis slips in right away, She’s excited too. i fuck Her, then She turns, gets on top. i may fuck Her from below sucking Her nipple, i think She may be cumming. She wants some doggy style, and it doesn’t take long until She cums. i bang into Her buttocks as wildly as i can, i don’t need to hold back a bit. However afterwards She says She lost part of Her orgasmic pleasure because i held back. i explain i didn’t need to do that. She figures out Her top orgasm needs those irregular motions i make during my orgasm. W/we agree that i try to cum at the same time She cums, and that is the only moment i am allowed cum.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

A busy Sunday for me

i wake up at 7am, browse some porn and succumb to masturbating without permission. i confess it to Mistress as She wakes up and ask for help. She considers purchasing me “the pink thing” (CB-2000) and i suggest wearing it only at home from evening till morning. (W/we don't own one at this stage yet)

As i am epilating, Her mom has woken up and made coffee and got the paper, i prepare gruel and tea water. i eat with Her mom and read the paper. As Mistress wakes up, i prepare Her tea and give Her the paper i was reading, Her mom watching. Mistress informs me that i am not to go to the gym, as W/we are doing a whole family hike in the nature. i take a look at my chore list and go to do pool maintenance. i bump into Mistress, She points at the floor. i kneel and She slaps my face, talks humiliatingly to me. She tells me to take her mom to Her bus stop, She’s returning home. i will have to carry Her bags and wait for the bus with Her.

Next it’s time for the hike. She decided naturally the target. It’s a small camping site in the middle of a nearby large forest. W/we walk to the site and as W/we are getting back, She sends me and Lina to fetch the car and pick Her and Mats up. Lina would like to have some candy, but i say to Her, we would need Mom’s permission, and we have been given a task.

At home i warm up some lunch immediately. i ask whether i should put the old veggie soup to the freezer, but as Mistress says to throw it away, i eat some of it myself and other oldest scraps. After the meal i prepare the menu proposal for next week. Mistress has time to go through my TV watch list proposal, but not the menu yet. Then i start preparing naan bread and sweet&sour chicken, warm up the sauna. i am very busy trying to do all this at the same time, resulting with me burning the rise. i apologize for that while W/we sit at the table. After the meal i do the dishes. i ask with Lina overhearing, if i can use shorts and a sleeveless shirt after sauna, and if i can take my weekly beer now in sauna, even though i took a little wine at the party yesterday. i may and i may. In the sauna i do the longest water aerobics set so far.

In the evening as i am falling asleep Mistress surprises me and feels my back, thong and butt and bites each of my buttocks once, hard. i bite the pillow not to cry out.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A little treat


Mistress has ordered me to drive to the center after work to pick Her up. i carry Her bags. As W/we drive home W/we talk also about my slavery. She has not yet read the “treats” section of my MSRika translation. She wonders if i get bored of slavery as it gets routine. i don’t think so. i suggest a standard daily “dry” masturbation time slot, so that it would become my responsibility to remind of it. She doesn’t become enthusiastic about that.

At home i take Her things to Her study, change to home outfit, take care of problems with kids’ hobby group, W/we eat, i prepare a TV schedule for Mistress for the week, and remind Her right away about a gardening program, but only Her mom comes to watch it (Yes, She’s still with U/us). i take kids to the hobby, do shopping in two grocery stores while i’m at town.


i wake up at 6.10, browse some porn, epilate, epilate also insides of thighs and trim the pubic triangle. i go back to my laptop until i hear sounds, and quickly start preparing breakfast. Mistress has woken up, W/we hug a long time. i get the paper, and while making tea Mistress grabs me from behind, inserts her hands in my pockets and Her fingers massage my genitals. i touch Her with my hand. She puts her hand under my shirt and rubs a bit, finding my nipples, She presses me down with Her chin and She squeezes my nipples. Wonderful!

Her mom wake sup too, W/we eat and i clear the table. The evening goes in a party, i am the chauffeur, and dressed so smart with the plate “RESERVED” clearly visible on my neck.

Monday, 4 October 2010


Mistress and me are in the process of preparing a rulebook for me, and i want to share it with Y/you even though the contents are still evolving and the final version will be somewhat different, according to Mistress's wishes. i have made this version trying to just write down the practice W/we follow and the standing orders in force as of today. You will find link to the rulebook above right.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Washing up the pool

In the morning i drive Her to the railway station. W/we talk about the emission earlier this week possibly causing a sub drop, but She thinks it’s something else, random.

As i leave home from work i call mother-in-law and inquire about groceries to purchase. After delivering them at home i leave again to pick up Mats. W/we eat a dish i made, Her mom has baked though. Mistress gives me a lot chores: warming up sauna, spraying and watering plants, delivering folded laundry, fetching firewood, washing up doors, organizing cd’s, no time to even take a deep breath.

i have found in tv guide a program about handling ingrown hair, and i switch it on, watch it while i tend to the sauna. Her mom uses sauna first, i vacuum the closets in the hall in the mean time, and do my Spanish course homework. As it is O/our time to use sauna, Mistress orders me to wash the calcium deposits around the rim of the pool. i have to spend a lot of time in the pool scrubbing the tiles, and my penis shrinks in the old water. However as i get up from the pool to add water to the pool and return, the water feels quite warm.