Thursday, 7 October 2010

A busy Sunday for me

i wake up at 7am, browse some porn and succumb to masturbating without permission. i confess it to Mistress as She wakes up and ask for help. She considers purchasing me “the pink thing” (CB-2000) and i suggest wearing it only at home from evening till morning. (W/we don't own one at this stage yet)

As i am epilating, Her mom has woken up and made coffee and got the paper, i prepare gruel and tea water. i eat with Her mom and read the paper. As Mistress wakes up, i prepare Her tea and give Her the paper i was reading, Her mom watching. Mistress informs me that i am not to go to the gym, as W/we are doing a whole family hike in the nature. i take a look at my chore list and go to do pool maintenance. i bump into Mistress, She points at the floor. i kneel and She slaps my face, talks humiliatingly to me. She tells me to take her mom to Her bus stop, She’s returning home. i will have to carry Her bags and wait for the bus with Her.

Next it’s time for the hike. She decided naturally the target. It’s a small camping site in the middle of a nearby large forest. W/we walk to the site and as W/we are getting back, She sends me and Lina to fetch the car and pick Her and Mats up. Lina would like to have some candy, but i say to Her, we would need Mom’s permission, and we have been given a task.

At home i warm up some lunch immediately. i ask whether i should put the old veggie soup to the freezer, but as Mistress says to throw it away, i eat some of it myself and other oldest scraps. After the meal i prepare the menu proposal for next week. Mistress has time to go through my TV watch list proposal, but not the menu yet. Then i start preparing naan bread and sweet&sour chicken, warm up the sauna. i am very busy trying to do all this at the same time, resulting with me burning the rise. i apologize for that while W/we sit at the table. After the meal i do the dishes. i ask with Lina overhearing, if i can use shorts and a sleeveless shirt after sauna, and if i can take my weekly beer now in sauna, even though i took a little wine at the party yesterday. i may and i may. In the sauna i do the longest water aerobics set so far.

In the evening as i am falling asleep Mistress surprises me and feels my back, thong and butt and bites each of my buttocks once, hard. i bite the pillow not to cry out.

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