Tuesday, 19 October 2010

An effective T&D surprise

i wake from a dream in which i’m being taken to a board meeting in a sinking boat. In the morning i have no time for net, i empty the dishwasher while i eat breakfast, and epilate only so long i get to my real board meeting in time. i forget to water the seeds, and send a humble SMS to inform about it. Mistress acknowledges my humbleness in Her reply.

During the day the hand break of Mistress’s (my old) Mercedes gets stuck. Tough luck for Her, i never had such problems with it. As i get home everyone’s watching Lord of the Rings video, i have just enough time to eat and change before taking Lina and Mistress to the library, mail office, get a cd that a photo service lost and found, to buy hamburgers and groceries. She wants a lot of chocolate,She says She's frustrated. i get no candy, in the evening i get an orange and diet coke with my burger. W/we continue watching Lord as W/we eat the takeaway burgers. i take the paper and start reading it on the floor near Her feet. Every once in a while She puts Her foot on top of my thigh or rubs it a little. i start rubbing Her toes, get no permission to remove Her woollen sock. She orders me to take the plates down and get Her tea. Then i ask and get permission to rub Her shoulders, which She makes me continue a long time, on my knees as She sits. Lina starts to complain of Her shoulders, wants to daddy to rub them too. Mistress: ‘You must get your own mia [my name]’.

Finally She lets me stop and guides me down on my knees and scratch each other. i clean up the garbage after the movie, get dismissed and retire for bed first. After i have brushed my teeth i confront Mistress who is playing with the cat using a sturdy line, a kind of lash. All of a sudden She starts whipping my chest and sides with the lash, for no obvious reason. As She joins me in bed i say i’m awake. She says ‘Good’, and pulls my Sloggi briefs up my crack from behind, as i lie on my tummy, and bites awfully hard on my buttock, and pushes Her hand between my thighs. As i open up, She grabs my balls through the Sloggis. She keeps Her teeth sunk in my buttock the whole time, i can’t handle it, i let out a cry, and She stops – Mats is also awake and near. However She continues to rub my balls and especially my clitty through my smooth undies, and i kep panting, it feels soooo good. She keps it up, i lift my hips from the bed, face still buried in the pillow, She continues until my hips get tired. Her other hand wanders near my asshole. i get terribly excited, though She never takes my clitty out from my briefs. She gives me a little praise for taking it, as She stops. Then to sleep. i can do nothing. An effective T&D.

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