Monday, 18 October 2010

i may cum simultaneously with Her

i wake up at 7. i have lots to do so i don’t have any net time. i put fire in the fireplace (it’s a cold morning), epilate, make oat rice porridge according to Mistress’s wishes, get the paper. i start preparing almond cookies but don’t start the mixer yet not to make noise. Instead i do the weekly menu and shopping list after Mistress has woken up and approved it after some cut downs. She thinks i use too much time for cooking. As i start the mixer i am stupid and cut my finger in the blades and get a couple of wounds, which She treats.

i take care of the fireplace, read the paper, then the chores return to me gradually, i make salmon steaks for lunch, take Mats to his sleepover place, get movies that Mistress and Lina have chosen.

In the evening Mistress orders a portion of my shrimp sauce for supper. For myself it is scraps of Mats’s lunch directly from his plate that has been preserved in the fridge for me. Lina goes to sleep early, W/we continue updating Mistress’s CV.

Then She orders me on my knees in front of Her, and, sitting on the sofa, She feels my clitty (in my pants) with Her foot and then with her hand, makes fun of it (‘Is that your mobile?’), making me erect at once. She raises my tight tricot shirt revealing my nipples, fingers and then painfully bites each, i manage to stay silent. Then her feet are back between my thighs, i spread my legs, ask if i can hump myself against Her feet. She gives permission! i start quick humping, but as my breathing becomes too heavy, She orders me to stop. Then She yanks down my pants until they are about to slip down over my buttocks and leaves them there, groping me harshly all over.

i must switch off the lights, and follow Mistress upstairs. i prepare toothbrushes as She is having a pee and bidet wash up. I wait for Her near the toilet and then W/we brush teeth. She is already naked with only Her corset on as i enter the bedroom. i must find Her dark stockings. She orders me to wash my crotch, i use the bidet and return. She has the stockings on now, sits on the bed, i kneel before Her like i must whenever W/we are alone and She sits as i report to Her. i keep my pants on with my hands in the position She left them, but She orders me to remove them now. Then She orders me head down, i may kiss the wonderful bare skin between the corset and the stockings, from every angle, i even reach behind Her for the buttocks. Then She opens Her legs, settles lying on the bed, feet on the floor. i may lick Her pussy on my knees. After a while She points at the bed, making me lie down there on my back, and settles Her pussy on my face. i lick it and See Her breasts wiggle somewhere up. She orders me to put on the condom, foreskin drawn back. i am allowed to have orgasm, but only simultaneously with Her. W/we start with Her on top, then She drops on Her side, guides my clitty in Her like She always does. It doesn’t work out so She wants me on all fours on Her, and She starts cumming soon. i control my orgasm so that i cum only while She is cumming.

Then W/we talk, how to keep me servile regardless of my orgasm. She says i must finish cleaning my old Mercedes for Her tomorrow morning right after dawn!

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