Tuesday, 12 October 2010

i'm Her servant


i may stay at home to prepare food as Mistress go to an exhibition opening and takes Lina to her hobby. She eases my load and allows me to make chicken korma from a mix. i will also warm up the sauna, empty ashes and get three loads of firewood.

Even in the sauna it is not what it used to be. i make my diary there and know i must soon do the water aerobics. Diet coke to drink, not beer any more. i dress in briefs and sleeveless shirt after sauna. She’s on the phone so i continue with making veggie soup for Her tomorrow lunch. As She finishes Her call She takes some soup, and starts watching Jane Austin’s Emma, sending me upstairs to put Lina to bed. i thank and go. Nowadays i always thank for Her orders.

As i get back She gives me Her empty plate to take to dishwasher and orders some tea. Mats is sitting beside Her as She does that. i ask what sort of tea She would like. i bring green tea and a coaster. As there are no further orders for me, i prepare some supper for me, dried bread. Then She sends me to bed, staying up Herself to watch the rest of Emma.

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