Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A little treat


Mistress has ordered me to drive to the center after work to pick Her up. i carry Her bags. As W/we drive home W/we talk also about my slavery. She has not yet read the “treats” section of my MSRika translation. She wonders if i get bored of slavery as it gets routine. i don’t think so. i suggest a standard daily “dry” masturbation time slot, so that it would become my responsibility to remind of it. She doesn’t become enthusiastic about that.

At home i take Her things to Her study, change to home outfit, take care of problems with kids’ hobby group, W/we eat, i prepare a TV schedule for Mistress for the week, and remind Her right away about a gardening program, but only Her mom comes to watch it (Yes, She’s still with U/us). i take kids to the hobby, do shopping in two grocery stores while i’m at town.


i wake up at 6.10, browse some porn, epilate, epilate also insides of thighs and trim the pubic triangle. i go back to my laptop until i hear sounds, and quickly start preparing breakfast. Mistress has woken up, W/we hug a long time. i get the paper, and while making tea Mistress grabs me from behind, inserts her hands in my pockets and Her fingers massage my genitals. i touch Her with my hand. She puts her hand under my shirt and rubs a bit, finding my nipples, She presses me down with Her chin and She squeezes my nipples. Wonderful!

Her mom wake sup too, W/we eat and i clear the table. The evening goes in a party, i am the chauffeur, and dressed so smart with the plate “RESERVED” clearly visible on my neck.

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