Saturday, 30 October 2010

Masturbation permit

In the morning i leave a bit later to work as i go straight to a meeting. She goes jogging, allows me 2 minutes of net and masturbation time. i get a ruined orgasm nearly right away, some semen spills on my work pants, i have to put them to the laundry.

As i get back from work through grocery store, i bring fresh flowers to Mistress as She is starting an 007 movie with mats who has been home ill. She orders me to cut the stems and put them in a vase. i change also clothes and eat some of the oldest leftovers. As i report to Her again, She orders me to sit on the couch, puts Her feet in my lap, so that i start rubbing them. Later She asks, should i always be performing something? i say i enjoy performing and accomplishing, but acknowledging is most important, a contact. i love being ordered to stay, e.g. on my knees.

i will have to make semolina pudding for supper. In the evening She allows me extra net time, tries to go to sleep early, as She slept so little. But She can’t get sleep. As i join Her in bed, i may rub Her head until i fall asleep myself.

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