Saturday, 16 October 2010

Mouth to mouth


As return home from work Mistress opens the door for me, kisses me on the mouth, but there’s a catch: She pushes a half-eaten hard candy from Her mouth into mine. i get also a few candies Mats has discarded, i’m really happy for that. Mats does not go to his hobby, so W/we don’t get O/our usual weekly time for just the two of U/us. She seems clearly disappointed for that, She had planned something.

Instead i have to clean my old Mercedes that i have had to hand over to Mistress. As Lina is in Her hobby, She orders me to prepare Lina’s supper, so that She could get Lina quickly to bed and there could be time for sex (?) before W/we are dead tired. However nothing turns out, i have time to mark Mistress’s weekly tv favorites and program the alarms in my mobile.

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