Monday, 11 October 2010

My small car arrives


In the morning i drive U/us to the car retailer to pick up the new Honda Civic, Mistress gets O/our old leather-seated Mercedes now permanently. She informs i will still clean the Mercedes thoroughly for Her!

i drive home with my small car at 7pm. Mistress and Lina come out to admire it, i take the summer tyres to the shed. Mistress decides a test drive is not necessary now, i may go in and eat. However, there is no food, i must prepare turkey pasta for the whole family, empty the dishwasher and lay the table. Later She keeps me close giving me small errands. She watches a little TV as i watch Her for the most part.

W/we retire early, some weight lifting, as She enters the bedroom i remove bedcovers for Her. Then She makes me rub Her feet through Her socks as i kneel and She sits on the bed. She rubs my thong clad genitals with Her feet. She orders me to close the door, give Her stay up’s. She undresses, i’m totally hot. i must kiss Her thighs and ass, stroke the sensitive insides of Her thighs. i my get on top of Her and pretend to be fucking her still wearing the thong, penis trapped. i say i am so excited i could cum in my thong. ‘Get a condom, clothes and socks off, get here by Me’. i get to kiss Her breasts, i also suck Her nipples. Then i may put on the condom, and get on top of Her gain, my penis slips in right away, She’s excited too. i fuck Her, then She turns, gets on top. i may fuck Her from below sucking Her nipple, i think She may be cumming. She wants some doggy style, and it doesn’t take long until She cums. i bang into Her buttocks as wildly as i can, i don’t need to hold back a bit. However afterwards She says She lost part of Her orgasmic pleasure because i held back. i explain i didn’t need to do that. She figures out Her top orgasm needs those irregular motions i make during my orgasm. W/we agree that i try to cum at the same time She cums, and that is the only moment i am allowed cum.

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